Terms and conditions

This blog or any portion of it may not be copied or duplicated without the my explicit consent. However I can be easily bribed with a good bottle of cognac, single malt whiskey, a nice dry (screaming for water dry) wine and/or an explicit mention of me as the source of the text.

I shall not try to avoid injecting my personal opinions into the posts I make here, and/or elsewhere, ergo whatever you read and I’ve written should be taken with a pinch of salt – it’s my opinion, quite personal and thoroughly subjective. There will be no mention of my employer(s), nor my field of expertise (or lack of) and therefore you shall not consider it/them liable in any way (under the penalty of the law but also not excluding locusts, famine, and other biblical hardships) for what I write under this nom de plume.

I also reserve the right to change my opinion, biased as it may be, based on whatever I may think fit to be considered a reason for change. No, you may not think of me as a fully qualified scientist and are quite allowed to say I’m a drunken (which I am) idiot (I resent that) who can’t add 2 vectors to save his life. You may not consider me as a de facto source for scientific truth (unless I am right, in which case please read the paragraph about the bribing part).

If you have praises to sing (or bribes), the contact form is below. If my opinions offend you, please stop reading my blog.



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