Och, come on…


Doogee trojan

P.S. I can confirm the apk Kryptowire detected in BLU phones is the one present in Doogee ones. And they say it’s just a mistake. Bloody hell..

Exhibit A: https://www.androidpit.com/forum/722782/doogee-x5-max-problems

Exhibit B: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/190207-adsupfotaapk-trojans/

Exhibit C: https://m.reddit.com/r/chinaphones/comments/5ad7r2/adwarespyware_on_doogee_x5_max_pro/



Wow, dude, that’s deep

Aha hah haha hahaha… I particularly love this part:

Well, sure, Bilal Bot dev, we would be happy to conduct that interview. Bear in mind, though, that we may require you to verify your real-life identity and location.

From the original article, here.

Me, the logical suspect

Oh for the love of bacon, if I don’t have any social media presence I’m on the bloody black list? Seems legit. In any case, I’ll be wishing one startup a quick tumble, a couple of slaps on the noggin from their parents and lots of public outrage, even though I’m quite sure that’s not going to happen. For the record, I don’t even have internet on my phones, let alone Facebook, Twitter or other crap like that. It’s idiots like these I fear more than the NSA snooping on my emails, bloody hell. And they’d just love to make that one mandatory, apparently, because “well, you have nothing to hide now, do you?”.. I foresee a bright future for myself, chopping wood in Siberia. Jesus, Mary an’ Joseph, they’re that dumb. Wait, wait, I got something. I do have a future job lined up for me, after all, bloody messing with social media and getting paid for it, making people look like Gandhi. Dear Idiocracy script writers and film producers, that was supposed to be science fiction not a bloody documentary..


               France just managed to shoot “herself” in the foot. Again. It seems there’s a common recurring theme among politicians to subvert obvious good trends because they think their way works better. It doesn’t, for obvious reasons. Hard right my arse, it’s as close to communism as you can get without baptizing themselves as the “new Russia”, the only reason Front National is called “right-wing” party is its rampart xenophobia and racism. Apparently. No, it also seems I can’t be allowed to believe they’re dumb because they’re popular. Sheesh. Continue reading

Does my opinion matter? Nope!

               Distributing resources without due diligence and without asking for something in return equals certain trouble. There is no limit to what people demand. Hell, people call for internet access to be included in the basic human rights list. Actually, it’s not a bad idea, let’s go a bit farther than that – give me money to stay home and browse internet all day long. Oh, they do that already? Wait a second.. Something’s screwy around here and it sure isn’t my cable provider. Continue reading