Apparently I’m drunk again

No. It’s for real. I’m on it. I’ve glimpsed the truth and I hate it. I really really hate it, from pinkie to dandruff, I bloody hate it. I’d love to see good win against evil, I’d love to see things always work out in the end – that’s just in those bloody films from at least a decade ago, lately there’s a new trend: the hero dies. Continue reading


Is it a choice?

… In short, no.

My prediction on the US elections winner is Clinton. It’s the safe bet – since Trump refused to go all out on her. I’d say Trump will get between 20% to 30% of the votes and her darth sithness will win. I’ve seen it before. Eastern Europe’s been doing it since before it was cool, pairing the “desired” candidate with either a right-wing lunatic or somebody with less charisma than Al Gore. Guess who won, c’mon, guess.. Hipsters and most people with working neurons don’t bloody vote and/or they’re already too confused on weed legislation to matter. If the undecided get scared enough, they get to leave their comfy homes and hobbies and they’ll bloody vote for Clinton because change is always some scary shit and they already fear change – scare them enough and they’ll stop up voting crap on facebook and do the unthinkable – actually bloody act. It doesn’t matter if she’s corrupt or not, it doesn’t matter if she’s the right choice or not (for that, I lean on the “not” side), all it matters is that lots of scared people herded like sheep will come out to vote for her because Trump scares them. Look at him, that hair alone got more coverage than the whole Benghazi affair because the media is really after the truth and unicorns were discovered around the Arctic Circle.

For my part, I hope Trump wins. No, not because of what he says but because of what he is. An outsider. Somebody who managed to unite the whole bloody financial sector, media and business tycoons against himself. If you want to see who almost brought the world economy down – take a look at Clinton’s supporters and I don’t mean the little fellows, they only obey the official message. I hope Trump wins because it’s the first significant, believable threat to the status-quo. It doesn’t matter if Trump gets voted out of office, if he resigns or whatever – if he gets elected, it means the average Joe has power and is willing to use that power. It’s the only stick politicians fear since carrots only serve to keep them there.

I honestly don’t believe all that crap about Trump. I know he’s a narcissist, vain and a rather nasty fellow – I’ve read his books and lived through his bankruptcies. But he managed to become a symbol of hope to everybody including yours truly, an’ I’ve got no freaking idea how he managed that. Clinton has all his traits too and worse, you know. She already had a shot at leading, commanding and ruling and screwed the pooch on those already. But everybody united against Trump because this, right now, is the hell they know – it means nothing will change if she wins. Right now, banking is exactly what it was before 2008. Executives are even more ruthless than before. Companies still screw their employees by moving to low-cost alternatives, the trend isn’t broken and I honestly have no idea how this could work long-term except Make China Great Again and make every future-former-developed country poor(er). No country that screws over its citizens does well long-term. They choose Clinton because they still believe that matters, that one “leader” makes or breaks their future and they honestly believe Trump has more chances of screwing the pooch than her. That’s exactly what made USSR great, actually, the bloody misguided belief that there are people who can (and should) choose  and direct your life better than you, the actual human living it. It’s catharsis, I know, shedding the last shred of dignity by proclaiming “Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is evil, responsibility is tabu”. Here’s some news for you, flash, that ain’t it. People make or break their own future, but nobody but the minority actually wants to believe that because, hell, that’d mean each of us is to blame and we bloody can’t have that now, can we?

You want a bloody change? You want people actually paying attention to what you want? Bloody vote for Trump because Clinton is damaged goods. You want your country doing the same bloody thing it’s been doing ever since the male Clinton left office? Vote for her because doing the same thing over, over and over again and expecting a different outcome is totally believable, innit?

P.S. I did lose my faith in humanity a long time ago – that’s why I think Clinton will win. People can’t be expected to act in a rational, logical manner because if that happened, neither Clinton nor Trump would’ve made it this far. By fear, brainwashing, parlor tricks, misdirection and control over the news the media “educated” us all a long time ago. Time to open up another bottle. Prosit!

10 ways to fail in life (with sarcasm and booze)

               I have to write this down, before I forget it. Why? Because I imagine that I will. You know what makes or breaks everybody even before they give it a try? Imagination. They don’t picture themselves as if they’ve succeeded. So here’s to number one on the list: Continue reading

Living la vida loca

.. if you ain’t hurtin’, you ain’t livin’.

               Hoo boy, change hurts. Since I’m passing through a rather annoying phase of my life, I’ve decided to make it considerably worse – I’ve started learning Python with tkinter. Progress has been slow, especially since I’ve lost half the programming skills I had when I got married. Half? Oy vey, let’s just say that’s a wee bit of an understatement, if you know what I mean. Now, what does this button do? Bloody hell, I thought the transition from would be easy.. Damned grid and pack, who needs you?

               I had a bit of a disagreement with one fellow who argued with yours truly about the superiority of western missile guidance. As anyone working with them GPS trackers when USSR invaded (ahem, reintegrated) parts of Ukraine some time ago can tell you, when dozens of GPS monitored highly sensitive pieces of machinery in Eastern Europe hundreds of kilometers apart from each other start losing GPS link at the same time (almost to the minute, actually) for up to an hour, for several days at random, that’s got to be a bit suspicious, innit? And I am not the only one who saw it (24th, 30th of April 2014, and so on). Besides, I don’t mean tractors actually in Ukraine, my play things were thousands of kilometers away from the war. Maybe the folks in charge tested a soft deterrent by encrypting civilian signals, maybe Ivan intentionally messed a bit the “directional” jamming, whatever. Anyways, jamming is easy. For civilian applications, any cheap FM modulator you use in your car to play your music that’s  capable of working up and around 105 Mhz can do (usually, if your cheap-ass modulator it’s set to 87.5 and it’s close to your gps device, the harmonic actually breaks into the 1575,4 Mhz frequency GPS works). Oh yeah, and older ones work nicely too.. Nowadays, if you’re really unlucky, you don’t even have to fly to be in an aircraft accident, the aircraft could crash right on top of you while you’re busy on the loo.

               And I’ve had many more of them head-bumping and chest-thumping  experiences to feel dog-tired. Ever have a stuck-up mid-twenties bossyboots try to look important when you’ve got jobs that lasted more than her whole employment experience? Yeah. Apparently, my brain tells me I’m offended. Why the hell is that? Oh. Bloody hell, my ego’s acting up again? Crap. I must be insecure if I’m feeling threatened by my gaffer’s assistant slash secretary. Problem is, I do feel threatened. Now what?