Apparently I’m drunk again

No. It’s for real. I’m on it. I’ve glimpsed the truth and I hate it. I really really hate it, from pinkie to dandruff, I bloody hate it. I’d love to see good win against evil, I’d love to see things always work out in the end – that’s just in those bloody films from at least a decade ago, lately there’s a new trend: the hero dies. Continue reading


Wow, dude, that’s deep

Aha hah haha hahaha… I particularly love this part:

Well, sure, Bilal Bot dev, we would be happy to conduct that interview. Bear in mind, though, that we may require you to verify your real-life identity and location.

From the original article, here.

Shit happens

I’m laughing me arse off today. I’d have done that yesterday, but I wasn’t around for the big reveal. Leoni was hacked, they say. About 34 million quid vanished, they say. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the fresh prince of Niger must’ve reached with the finger gnawing to his wrists, green with envy. If all he had to do was to telnet to mail server to smtp port and add ehlo, rcpt and easy peasy (that was back in my day, now… must be some better tech, innit?) to get the manager to wire away 34 million quid, well… However, the best choices aren’t about hacking because it’s as sure as the upcoming Deadpool sequel that wasn’t hacking – hell, there’s only 2 possible scenarios: either they faked it for the insurance / fraud combo or they had an inside job. I lean towards the combo. Want more? Apparently it was usual practice for their managers to email (Jesus, I can’t stop laughing) demanding money transfers and the perpetrators knew exactly who and how to ask for it. Even worse, the bank (I assume there was a bank involved) didn’t ask for an invoice as per every bloody overseas transfer involving unknown accounts. And that’s of particular interest (or should be, anyway, for anybody with more than 2 working neurons) since the country they were operating from is Romania, where there are strict anti-money laundering regulations because they aren’t in the euro zone. I wonder if they pay their wages in monopoly money. Maybe they’ll wire me a couple million quid if I say pretty please. Sheesh, ’nuff said.

I’d laugh if I had a choice

But I don’t have one (that can safely see dailight, because spam filters and language bans or whatever), really, so … Theranos. My neurons kicked in a few months back, warning of imaginary creatures, like unicorns and honest politicians, and also Trump. Now it’s official, that sorry excuse for a swindle is out. Idiots Investors paid money and passed the crap to the other idiots investors, trading shares in a company that advertised new tech for blood tests but used their own tech in 12 types of tests out of 200 types of tests (6%? ouch!) and what’s even worse, they stopped using their own bloody tests (pun intended) in June 2015. A bloody year ago. Zerohedge apparently went ahead and wasted even more neurons on this story, it’d be quite a shame to not link to their story. So, this company was valued at 9 billion dollars 2 years ago? Based on what, fortune cookies? Prophetic wisdom? The bloody bible? And you think all’s well in the world?

Bummer.. But there’s still Uber, Lyft et al. with a couple of notable exceptions (like Palantir, in my humble opinion, that one’s on its way up – like all big data research).

Naughty Monday

Well, today has been incredibleâ„¢. It’s been so bloody incredible I can’t stands it no more. Yepper, that bad. The “ancient chinese saying” fits, I guess: may you live in interesting times.. I’m officially puckered out. The only way it could have been worse would have been getting fired, something happening to my family or my pee-pee falling off – so I guess I’m good, thank you very much. Though I’m sort of afraid of going to the bathroom, come to think of it.. AND IT’S ONLY 4PM, BLOODY HELL!!!