Well, they ain’t wrong

This here is something you oughta do, go watch The Founder an’ fuck everybody else. Brains? Overrated. Literacy? Overrated. Potential? Fuck that, that’s what losers think they have. No. None of that shit. Persistence. You wanna make it big? Persistence is the key. Fuck everybody else.

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Note(s) to self

Always wear a seatbelt even when I’m sitting in the back and always get an MRI scan of the spine after trying to see if two cars can make baby cars the old-fashioned way. Painkillers for a month may look like heaven but they ain’t, especially if they don’t work because somebody got a 1 cm fragment dislodged and hiding behind or under the spinal nerves. Yeah, it’s almost as fun as it sounds. Sheesh.

Thank you doc for the fast surgery. Now let’s see how she recovers.

Crazy people

            Well, of course I’m pissed, I feel like a bloody mushroom covered in shit. It’s easy to have strong opinions on things neither you nor the person you’re talking to can control. It’s very much like xenophobia, nationalism or religion – you get to feel proud for things you haven’t done and you get to hate people you haven’t met. Everybody has opinions, every adult can talk your ears off on subjects such as football, racism, terrorism, abortions, gay rights, economics, espionage and politics. Who in the right mind would honestly say “bugger me if I know..” in such esteemed company? Yeah, me, that’s who. Also the statement stands, because I’m working on one piston with no lubrication an’ me gears are a wee bit crooked, actually more than that, I wager. Continue reading

Algebra for dreams

               I was in my last year of high-school when I began to develop delusions of grandeur. I was a modest programmer at best, with some very good instincts on hiding things (especially computer games) from the eyes of my teachers – not a hard thing to do, all in all, since the only ones I had to worry about were fellow students. Some of them were employed around the labs, since winning the gold in programming Olympics surely meant they outclassed every single IT teacher we had there at that particular time. It was they who discovered my passion for this new field and it was their sometimes not so subtle guidance that steered my curiosity – I was walking a rather thin line, half a step from being expelled. Between crafting various algorithms and software to bring up my grades (I had no interest in chemistry, physics, math or any other discipline outside of programming) by making the teachers forget their own rhetoric with stunning (for that time) graphics to illustrate the binding of molecules, graphing equations and particle collisions, my fellow students told me to help them with some projects – chief among them was getting rid of computer viruses. I still have some pretty fond memories of ASM from that time, even before Windows began climbing to version 95 – hell of a way to count, I’d say. Continue reading

Good work for bad people

               I may have mentioned the laws of physics once or twice before today, I did. However, most of my chaotic and questionable writings have been about the human mind and my efforts change into a better man, to become somebody else in flesh and thought – this is not a random effort, it is something I believe is derived from the laws of physics by way of mathematical modeling. Sounds fishy? It should, I wrote it that way and it sure sounds fishy to me, too. But my models actually do work. It’s the scale of things that doesn’t work. I’m not having trouble with effectiveness, I’m hitting all the right markers but I’m not scoring high on efficiency. You see, there’s trouble ahead with lions and dragons in uncharted territory, because I’ve reached a point in my life where everything hinges on my mental abilities and not on the various textbooks and work scenarios I may or may not use for peak performance. I’ve reached the highest level of my competence or, as the Peter Principle states way better: I have risen to the level of my incompetence. The only thing I can improve is not my work but my mind, and I have to admit I might need a wee bit of help. Continue reading