Well, they ain’t wrong

This here is something you oughta do, go watch The Founder an’ fuck everybody else. Brains? Overrated. Literacy? Overrated. Potential? Fuck that, that’s what losers think they have. No. None of that shit. Persistence. You wanna make it big? Persistence is the key. Fuck everybody else.

You know what – contracts are like hearts, they are made to be broken.

I know what you’re thinking, how the heck does a fifty-two year-old, over the hill, milkshake machine salesman build a fast food empire with sixteen hundred restaurants and an annual revenue of seven hundred million dollar? One word: persistence.

Oh hell, you kids probably don’t even know what that shit is. You have no freaking idea. Takes a fellow who’s been fired because he didn’t cut it, who’s quit because he chose to be near his family and who’s cried his heart out because he couldn’t control his actions well enough to keep family from bankruptcy to know that’s the only part of success that matters. I know. I’d give one  of my balls (left, right, don’t matter – men will understand what I’m trying to say) to avoid that particular month. Brexit? Bollocks. At one particular moment in my life I’d have “donated” a kidney to make it. There’s just three people in my life I’d do that one for, and I’m not kidding. Number one is my son. Number two is my current boss. Number three is me dad. Me wife isn’t compatible. So now I’m the bad guy, figures. Just remember this, future me: there are always only 3 types of enemies – those who refused to help you during difficult times, those who helped you in your difficult times and those who put you in difficult times. Yeah, think about it.

Anytime you need a boost, here’s the playlist:

  • Cinderella Man. First, top, whatever. You watch that one, you’re set. If it’s for you, you’ll know it. Believe me, you will. You have no fucking idea.
  • Rocky 6. You aint’ done until you’s done on your own terms. Hell, go fuck yourself, if that one don’t make your soul tingle, fuck you and get your brain checked. There’s tons of “qualified help” going by the generic “psychiatry” adjective – I think that’s what’s they calls it anyways, bub.
  • number 3 used to be “the pursuit of happiness”, before it used to be “the kingdom of heaven”.. Now… It’s “The founder”. Watch it. If you don’t want to, it’s fine. You’ll know it when it hits you. It ain’t that soggy like the previous one, but still… You’ll know it.

I’ve just had another pal hit the dust, lately. Nothing to be said about your work, you’s doing great professionally, but… aren’t you ashamed you’re doing twice as much money as your colleagues? Nobody wants to work with yous. Quit. I don’t need yous. We don’t need yous. You’ve been talking (n.ed. 5 minutes with a fellow needing a cigarette lighter an’ a smoke) with an unknown person (inside corporate headquarters, inside the inner courtyard) on company time (on his lunch break). I want you out.  Now tell me I’m wrong about the financial sector (banks, mainly)… Not to say he ain’t doing the work of 3. Just, he’s getting paid like two. I’m getting there, myself, god help me (pastafarian, catholic, buddhist, whatever helps). But still, I’m almost 40- he’ s in his early 50s – nothing works. What do I do? Besides getting drunk on romanian beer… First time’s a first – that bloody Albacher tastes just like Woodforde’s Admiral’s Reserve Starter so… whatever.


Post Scriptum: Don’t. Just don’t. If you doubt yourself, everybody else will as well. You you’re in, bloody go all in. If you go french, bloody wave the white flag from the start. Don’t waste anybody else’s time by changing your mind. It’s your life, your money and your problem. We’re just extras trying to be noticed.


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