Irony? Nah, this was their plan

Because, you know, nothing says privacy better than a lil’ bit o’ blackmail. Confused? Don’t be, it’s like this: Adblock Plus blocks ads, but marketers can pay to have their ads whitelisted. If they don’t want to pay, their ads will be blocked / not displayed. If that ain’t blackmail, I don’t know what is. And I’m pretty sure that’s going to backfire Hindenburg style.

You see, this is just what marketing already said: we decide what you’ll see, if you want to use this content. Now, that ain’t inherently bad the way it started, showing some advertising on the side of the content – though there’s hunger around and that led directly to what we’re seeing now, some content on the side of advertising. Banners, pop-ups, dozens of new tabs/windows opened without permission, seizure-inducing shifting colors, all that bloody led to the development of ad blocking software – and let’s not forget the dozens of beacons/tracking tools designed to take a peek into your knickers if they could. That’s all still around. Content? What’s that?

Post Scriptum: I’m ok with paying for an ad blocker. I’m ok with paying a publisher for an ad-free version. I’m not ok with the ad blocker paying the publisher or the publisher paying the ad blocker for the “privilege” of deciding what I want to see.

For the record, uBlock Origin does it better.


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