Death and taxes

… on human stupidity from a certified lunatic. Hey, I said I’m bonkers, not dumb!

            Let’s just say Uber and its various clones are on their way out. Why? Taxes. No government, regardless of how many digit IQ they possess, will ever tolerate an entity that chooses not to pay taxes, screw over its employees in “contractor” clothing while disobeying the laws. Dangerous precedent there. Either one would have worked just fine by itself, but never all three at the same time. You can avoid corporate taxes if you have enough content or captive employees, you can disobey the law if you pay taxes and threaten to fire your underlings, but if you have just one business plan that moves all profits elsewhere while having no employees stricto sensu, pay no taxicab specific taxes regarding admission, operation and licensing and have the bloody balls to force a move toward autonomous transportation… well… you’re basically pushing daisies. Because let’s face it, governments never had much fondness for public wellbeing, and even less for the idiots who keep praising Uber.

            Idiots? Yes. Gullible idiots. If you think the law is incorrect, wrong or outdated then by all means, push to change it. The text of the law, the part you folks choose not to read, can be updated, can be changed, can be altered. That alone. Obeying the law isn’t an option. Weeell, prissy, you’ve got a point there – but it still shouldn’t be an option except as choice. It’s illegal, you know.. However, that’s the point. Disrupting this, disrupting that, there isn’t one as far as one can see. Proving EM drive  functional would be a disruption of industrial production. Electric vehicles are disrupting the oil industry. This ain’t it.

            Uber is a great company in the same regard as I’m a great composer – sticking your fingers in your ears going “I is kind, I is smart, I is important, hire me now!” never worked, as far as I know.   They “revolutionized” ride sharing, despite there ain’t many sharing rides, by allowing contractors (as in employees lacking that exact job title) to make money on their own free time while counting on hype and idiots to counter any legal and lawful attempts to shut them down. Did I mention they don’t mention service costs, licensing costs, repairs, insurance and so on to their contractors? The wee bumblebees have to fork that, on top of the ever pressing danger of being fined by the police for an activity that requires a license. If they’re lucky. But yes, their customers feel great. They also feel great, taking 30%-50% and …. Wait, why are they bleeding cash then? There’s a question for the IRS. One more ironic fact you may need to know – you know that part about facilitating free enterprise and allowing contractors to make money on their free time? Yeah, turns out they don’t want to do that – all they need and want are self-driving cars.  And that, mon ami, is a disruption to that particular industry. Cab drivers? Today’s “contractors”? There won’t be any way for them to continue their line of work. You think hipsters protest too much? Let’s see them again in a few months, when all sane cab drivers will take it to court.

            There’s a catch though.. Any government would welcome change, if there’s enough people willing to march, really march for that change in front of them. That’s why they tolerate, barely, this bloody mess – because you folks demand it. But you’re small change when it comes to losing jobs and the votes of those who find themselves suddenly out of work. Unemployment rising means decreased consumption, less spending, less tax income and more panic. Add protests, unions and threats the mix and you can bloody bet your dog’s spare chew toy they’re going to make things happen. So yeah.. Uber? Ouchie.



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