Note(s) to self

Always wear a seatbelt even when I’m sitting in the back and always get an MRI scan of the spine after trying to see if two cars can make baby cars the old-fashioned way. Painkillers for a month may look like heaven but they ain’t, especially if they don’t work because somebody got a 1 cm fragment dislodged and hiding behind or under the spinal nerves. Yeah, it’s almost as fun as it sounds. Sheesh.

Thank you doc for the fast surgery. Now let’s see how she recovers.


Death and taxes

… on human stupidity from a certified lunatic. Hey, I said I’m bonkers, not dumb!

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I’m back. Actually, no, I haven’t been backpacking through Europe, I still have about a month of vacation time I haven’t touched… yet. Anyway, it’s a good story, like Bilbo’s “There and back again” with one not-quite-subtle stand-in for Smaug, if you’re into that. Just to set the context straight – I’ve never been able to read the whole story in one sweep, I found it boring, incredibly confusing and overly inflated – a credit to Tolkien for remembering all that. No, sorry, I don’t like stories with poems or song lyrics in them. So there, hype this, then.