Crazy people

            Well, of course I’m pissed, I feel like a bloody mushroom covered in shit. It’s easy to have strong opinions on things neither you nor the person you’re talking to can control. It’s very much like xenophobia, nationalism or religion – you get to feel proud for things you haven’t done and you get to hate people you haven’t met. Everybody has opinions, every adult can talk your ears off on subjects such as football, racism, terrorism, abortions, gay rights, economics, espionage and politics. Who in the right mind would honestly say “bugger me if I know..” in such esteemed company? Yeah, me, that’s who. Also the statement stands, because I’m working on one piston with no lubrication an’ me gears are a wee bit crooked, actually more than that, I wager.

            “Don’t eat meat, that’s murder!” says the vegan. If I don’t eat meat, I die, since I’m known to have some blood in my sugar. But wait, there’s more: some of them go full retard and try to force their pets on the same diet with the obvious results (all dogs go to heaven, rest easy – cats, on the other hand…).

            “All life is sacred from the moment it’s created!” screams the religious nut. How about caring for the abandoned kids, you schmuck? Or they’s suddenly self-sustaining by the ripe age of 6 months? How do you reconcile that with your propaganda? Cognitive dissonance? So why then are you refusing asylum if they’re kids fleeing war-zones? They don’t deserve some of that sacred life? Bullshit! There is some study around, though I’m way too lazy to open my notes, looking at the reasons criticism (to put it mildly) and hate speech thrive in all social interactions that aren’t face to face – and it’s quite shocking. You see, any interaction lacking the possibility of one’s personal space being invaded makes the opponent a non-person, it seems to separate, in that person’s mind, the actual words being written from their consequences. Also some sort of dissonance, I’d say, but far, far worse than calling yourself pro-Trump and saying “I’m not racist”, or pro-Hillary and saying you care about human rights. Given some privacy, most moderate critics easily go from “I respect your opinion” to making you Hitler and calling all hellfire and brimstone on your arse. But walk him/her around Arnold Schwartzenegger and you’ll see them go wide, like that one fellow said “nigga we seen all ur movies. Ain’t nobody tryina fuck with you”.

            But I may have a slight bias here since I’m usually sort of far gone off reservation, if you know what I mean, but keeping my mouth shut every day when confronted with stupidity the size of the Mariana Trench (because of the minus IQ, duh, whatever, it’s an allegory of sorts) is close to heroic. Anybody else wonder why every bloody radicalization and every bloody hate speech includes a hint towards religion? Like I’m supposed to not eat bacon because it’s against your religion (no, not just for islam, it fits because it’s also an allegory, or metaphor, or … you pick, I’m confused enough as it is). I just came from.. nah, no reason to make your day even worse, let’s just say it’s fucking wrong to punish a kid by bringing her incurably ill into this world, where she can only feel and never control her environment, all because you’re ashamed of what your family would say if you had an abortion – again, mortal sin, whatever. Same thing with vaccines. Me and my wife bloody tried to conceive for years and only succeeded because medicine works so we just can’t understand why  some so-called parents would… ah, fuck it. I’ll just go get drunk instead. Good night, for you.


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