I’d laugh if I had a choice

But I don’t have one (that can safely see dailight, because spam filters and language bans or whatever), really, so … Theranos. My neurons kicked in a few months back, warning of imaginary creatures, like unicorns and honest politicians, and also Trump. Now it’s official, that sorry excuse for a swindle is out. Idiots Investors paid money and passed the crap to the other idiots investors, trading shares in a company that advertised new tech for blood tests but used their own tech in 12 types of tests out of 200 types of tests (6%? ouch!) and what’s even worse, they stopped using their own bloody tests (pun intended) in June 2015. A bloody year ago. Zerohedge apparently went ahead and wasted even more neurons on this story, it’d be quite a shame to not link to their story. So, this company was valued at 9 billion dollars 2 years ago? Based on what, fortune cookies? Prophetic wisdom? The bloody bible? And you think all’s well in the world?

Bummer.. But there’s still Uber, Lyft et al. with a couple of notable exceptions (like Palantir, in my humble opinion, that one’s on its way up – like all big data research).


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