Some people

… just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair… (Disclaimer: quote source highly controversial, so… whatever. Shush!).

Proof: here. But that thing also feel like sarcasm, if you’re ignoring the lesser known Murphy law of efficient effort (if you try hard enough, you put your foot up your own arse). Obviously, Pyrrhus of Epirus is no longer required reading in school, since the sarcastic ones don’t understand lawyers and fundamentalist book-burners have no sense of humor. By all means, let’s get rrrrreadyyy to baaannn… To the bloody john with y’all.


I’d laugh if I had a choice

But I don’t have one (that can safely see dailight, because spam filters and language bans or whatever), really, so … Theranos. My neurons kicked in a few months back, warning of imaginary creatures, like unicorns and honest politicians, and also Trump. Now it’s official, that sorry excuse for a swindle is out. Idiots Investors paid money and passed the crap to the other idiots investors, trading shares in a company that advertised new tech for blood tests but used their own tech in 12 types of tests out of 200 types of tests (6%? ouch!) and what’s even worse, they stopped using their own bloody tests (pun intended) in June 2015. A bloody year ago. Zerohedge apparently went ahead and wasted even more neurons on this story, it’d be quite a shame to not link to their story. So, this company was valued at 9 billion dollars 2 years ago? Based on what, fortune cookies? Prophetic wisdom? The bloody bible? And you think all’s well in the world?

Bummer.. But there’s still Uber, Lyft et al. with a couple of notable exceptions (like Palantir, in my humble opinion, that one’s on its way up – like all big data research).

Naughty Monday

Well, today has been incredibleâ„¢. It’s been so bloody incredible I can’t stands it no more. Yepper, that bad. The “ancient chinese saying” fits, I guess: may you live in interesting times.. I’m officially puckered out. The only way it could have been worse would have been getting fired, something happening to my family or my pee-pee falling off – so I guess I’m good, thank you very much. Though I’m sort of afraid of going to the bathroom, come to think of it.. AND IT’S ONLY 4PM, BLOODY HELL!!!