Yes, yes, now you’re getting it

               A new article in Techcrunch called “Disrupting the wrong stuff” just made my day. It’s better written than all my posts and yet, in half a page, manages to prove my point. Yes, mon ami, that’s the whole point. Stop wasting time and money on free internet and USB sticks and hoverboards and start bloody curing cancer, ending global hunger, stop dealing with dictators and other human rights violators and bloody increase the quality of all our lives regardless of country, religion or skin color. You know, the stuff that nobody wants to deal with… I mean, if a bloody movie like Deadpool (which I sort of like) that hasn’t even touched the China market and hasn’t screened in bloody 3D (which I hate almost as much as stupidity and/or vegan diets) can make 750 million dollars on a 58 million dollar budget, hell, everything’s possible. Then again, 50 shades of bloody grey made 500+ million worldwide, so maybe we’re really that bloody stupid and completely miss the point.


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