Well, there it is

… once again, I managed to completely miss humor in my stories. Damn!

               Many things lead to the same conclusion: psychology is being used against us. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about food, services or politics, it’s the same. It doesn’t matter if terrorists blew up Brussels or France, if they used home-made bombs or the same state of the art missiles our cousins lost in Cuba, we’ll hear it again and again: it’s either because intelligence agencies have no access to our communications or because we let immigrants in on European soil. Of course, of course, but you may have to decrease your dosage of hallucinogenic. You want the truth? Well here it is, mon ami. Everybody uses every scrap of publicity they can to push their own agenda forward. Everybody uses everybody else. Politicians want to get elected, so what’s better than using Merkel’s words against her, knowing she can’t back down on her immigration stance without appearing weak?  Same thing for the rest of them, if anybody preaches love & peace, the others use terrorists to make them look stupid (and guilty). If this keeps going, Trump’s going to get elected in the EU as well, making him the possible future ex-president to unite two continents.. Now hold on for a second, give me a minute to throw up.

               I’m back now. No, I didn’t throw up because of Trump. Trump is alright in my book. You know why? He doesn’t matter that much. You think if he gets elected the third Reich becomes the fourth? Nope. You think he’ll personally stop illegal immigration and make America Great Again? Bullshit. Even if he pushes every leverage he can, he can’t do it. Not alone. That’s why Trump as president is a red herring designed to make you vote for anybody else but him. Even if he were to personally either donate a gun to every US citizen of legal age or take away every single gun US citizens own, it won’t make a difference in the long run, if we’re talking about crime and violent deaths. Why? Guns don’t kill people all by themselves, somebody has to pull the trigger. Sure, accidental deaths may decrease, but the rest of them won’t. You can’t solve crime by banning guns, I’ll tell you for sure – even countries that prohibit privately owned guns have tons of crime. You don’t stop terrorism by way of facebook likes, you don’t remove drug addictions by “saying no to drugs” (hint, they’s already illegal, folks), you don’t stop politicians from taking bribes by voting for somebody else – none of that works. You stop crime by prevention and punishment. You prevent crime from taking place by either increasing the quality of life of your citizens and/or by increased police patrols. I vote for the “and” bit, myself. You punish crime by finding the right guilty parties and make them pay. Here, I sort of vote for making crime impractical, especially if it’s about bribes and political corruption, by (and here I may be a bit exaggerating, I know) taking away every bit of property (including money) that isn’t equivalent to minimal wage during a certain period of time. Now that’s bad thinking on my part, but … What if? What if fines are proportional to one’s wealth? What if a corrupt official gets prison time, property seized to cover the whole swindle and then a fine to make anybody else think twice about even looking in the general bribe area? No? Alright, we’ll let the politicians decide, deal?

               There’s a big issue here, one we’re missing entirely. Brussels was attacked by terrorists. Everybody fears their own safety or the safety of their family. Who is logical when afraid? Nobody. But there’s always somebody who has no fear, especially if it’s about a different feeling – chiefly, anger. You think logic works? The answer is yes, certainly, if it’s used. Terrorists bombed things, people died, it’s only natural for people to feel the full range of emotions, I get it. But that doesn’t mean our job, as citizens, ends with pointing a finger at our favorite politician and telling him to fix it. Nope. Not by a long shot. You know why? They don’t enforce the laws, they don’t police our borders, they don’t have a button that increases our safety when pushed. They make laws, if and when they’re doing their jobs, but they don’t necessarily make things better even if the laws they make are the best ones. What they can do, however, is influence your opinion on certain things and get other things out of your pocket. They can make you love certain things, they can make you hate others, they can make your job disappear in the blink of an eye. But they won’t protect you, ever – that’s somebody else’s job. You see, you’re conned into believing you are important to them  – hint, you aren’t. You don’t make a difference in their mind, but you are a nice round cog in the machine they can use if you’re emotional enough. How? Well, grab a seat sugar, let me tell you all about it.

               Politicians know that one fellow can’t do much if their value is just one vote. That’s why their agenda isn’t so much proactive as reactive, they react to what they think can snowball on them, good or bad. They won’t predict the future and make laws about it, but they will spot opportunities and take them over. They can’t be arsed to react to the complaint of just one individual, but they will react if that fellow is rather vocal, I’ll tell you that. In plain English, screaming, shouting and making a scene are what get things done, because others can join in and the whole thing can escalate quickly from “nevermind” to “holy crap” levels. It doesn’t matter if that individual’s demand is correct or not, that won’t matter – what matters is what the politician thinks can affect his future. That’s about all there is about it.

               Shit has hit the fan and that, my friend, is a good thing. Nothing good ever comes out of hiding your head in-between your arse cheeks, I should know, I’ve tried it. We’re terrified, we’re paralyzed with fear and things go south on us with a vengeance. We’re on the brink of another financial crisis, the whole EU things sort of stopped working even before Greece almost went kaput and now our very soul (if you believe in them) is being ripped out. What will the next cognitive dissonance be, I wonder. How will we rationalize kindness, human rights and freedom with denying refugees (the ones that aren’t crazy, I mean) a better life while condemning them to poverty and ruin? I don’t know and I mean what I just said. But our children will grow up better for it. They’ll see, they’ll understand and they’ll judge – not because it will be over by the time they’re adults but because it won’t be over – they’ll have to sort it out themselves. They’ll do it, too. Not their children, probably, but they themselves will do it. It’s no wonder the generation during and after the first world war was called the greatest generation. And you know? I’ll bet their kids will act just like those born in the 50’s.

Fuck it, I’m depressed again. End of story.


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