Worry. Don’t worry. Whatever!

I am often wrong. Hell, I may even be wrong about the previous article, particularly since  reality is constantly trying to prove my new-found cynicism right. I don’t think Trump will win. But… him winning is a not so far-fetched possibility. You know why? Because people, taken in groups of over one thousand individuals (maybe less, but hell, let’s stick to statistics here because those are clearly not misleading, cough, tobacco, cough, alcohol, cough) are fearful, egotistical, illogical idiots who act like sheep. Trump may be talking about building a wall to keep illegal emigrants away, but Trump-wannabe Orban went right ahead and built one and people cheered him. Yup, you read that right! He built one on the Croatian and Serbian border. He thinks he’s the new head-crusader, protecting the EU from the nekulturny migrant hordes. And now, since nobody cares, he wants to build more of it, on the Romanian border. Now those hungarian folks have some pretty big cojones, since he’s not only not losing votes but actually gaining them and the EU leadership is so out of its depth it’s like playing monopoly with a chimp. Life is so much worse than the idyllic utopia we tell our kids it is… Vive la liberté, mon ami, some restrictions and rules may apply.

Post Scriptum:

Here’s my prediction: If Trump fights Clinton, god help them because Trump will win. If he fights Sanders, Sanders will win. Unless the unexpected happens that’s the way it’s going to go, mark my words…


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