The perfect example of a bad choice

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Though…

               May you live in interesting times, says the supposedly ancient chinese curse. Well, we do. And it’s fun as hell, if you’re not an adult. Grown-ups don’t care about crap, they mostly wing it if it doesn’t affect them directly. So no, Trump won’t win – not because we know he’d make a bad president, but because after a certain point in the election process he’s bound to directly offend at least half the voters. Whoever runs against him will win, regardless of competence or skill. Sanders or Clinton? The lesser evil. Not necessarily good, but certainly bad for everybody. Trump is the perfect candidate for getting the other side elected.

               I may joke about Trump but even he admits (when he’s … lucid) that his mouth got him out of many problems. He bullies, he threatens, he makes deals to get what he wants and he’s too vain to admit he’s got no edge – the other side just doesn’t want to lose. It’s not his success, it’s the other side’s. I’ve read some of his books, yes, and yes, I regret the money I paid for them. It’s brand marketing. Nothing more, nothing less. He looks like he doesn’t get it, though, maybe he does. Average Joe factory worker couldn’t pull it off. He can, and often did. Why? The other side loses more than him if he fails. Yup. It’s a game of pass the grenade, only there’s something more than a grenade, it’s money. He’s perfect for the role, ego as big as Alaska and the logic of a KKK grandmaster. But there’s one thing he does and does it well – his ego won’t admit to failure and he’s got enough money to hire wiser people to do his thinking for him. Ok, two things, I stand corrected. But it’s his trademark. All he has is his name, inflated to the point of bursting, but his track record shows big comebacks and his employees bring more than two neurons to the table. In business, that’s vital.

              A good brand awareness makes him less likely to be considered “persona non-grata” by his partners, especially if he pays enough smart fellows to run his day-to-day businesses. In the business world there’s only greed, ego and track-records. It doesn’t matter if you sell ice to Eskimos, there’s going to be people lining up to finance your business if you’ve got a big enough mouth and smart “employees”. Why? Greed. They don’t have to keep financing you, they can sell their partnership to the next moron hyped up by a good marketing campaign and buzz-words. All they have to do is endorse your sorry arse and keep your brand going up. I mean, in a perfectly correct analysis it’s like this: “eat shit, a billion flies can’t be all that wrong”.

               Look at Uber. Look at Airbnb. Look at tons of other companies who make business by spending money like there’s no tomorrow and keep their earnings hidden from the public scrutiny. Their business model is missing tons of stuff. Snapchat. Dropbox. Pinterest. Hell, look at Theranos. Lyft. Everything in tech that isn’t public but isn’t working big data. The future is about big data analysis, yet… half of the so called “unicorns” don’t work with it. Sales, public audited results and spending, who needs it? Well, some of them may work up a profit but unless I see their financial statements, they’re as shady as a one-eyed fellow selling candy from the back of his van to children. Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch but think about it. How did Maddox swindle so many for so much? By hiding things. Anything hidden is doubtful. You may make less by avoiding them, but you are safer for not believing hyped-up estimates circulated by so-called “financial analysts” who I like to call “telemarketers” for the lack of a better word. It’s like investing in the pre-crisis CDO-s, the ones that went belly up so in 2008. Oh, and they’re at it again. Greed, folks. Greed. Greed and ego.

               If you try to make sense of it all, you’ll soon find out you can’t. I never figured out why. Big banks who dodged a bullet selling CDO-s, are now packaging them under a new name. Nobody’s worried. The EU is coming apart. Nobody’s worried. But mention Trump and suddenly everybody has a voice. Yeah. There’s a reason it’s called the circle of life, nobody wants to break it. Honestly now, you think if you elect Trump the US is suddenly transformed into the fourth reich? All that stands between the current model and that crap is Trump’s election? Then post your contact info below, because sweetie, have I got a bridge to sell you… Maybe even the Eiffel Tower…

Post scriptum:

              The only way to break such a cycle is to change the rules of the game. You actually have to choose to not play by their rules. You think Trump’s endorsers (well, most of them, anyway) don’t know who he is and what he’s about? They do. That’s why you’ll vote either Clinton or Sanders, whoever gets to compete with Trump. In a perfect world, you’d either never get this impossible choice or you’d vote for Trump and let the the attorneys, judges and the whole justice system take him on. After all, that’s their role – to protect the average Joe from abusers and punish those who break the laws. Innit? I mean, you do pays your taxes, right?


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