Feel the burn

Since the beer’s gone, I might as well tell y’all big changes are coming. Every time I read about Trump I feel I have to drink beer. Clinton? Whiskey. Sanders? Wine. Who gives me the munchies for water, you ask? Hell, that special kind of stupid hasn’t been born yet, I think. Never had a craving for water, so … Anyway, changes are coming, just not to me or you. The curse of competence is upon us, bringing with it thousands upon thousands of geniuses and skilled specialists forced to think and work in fields for which they have no skills, knowledge or competence. You know the curse of competence? It’s not widely known outside a few specialised fields, but … it’s when you are a heart-surgeon and all your relatives and friends ask you for free advice on how to treat psoriasis, on account you’ve passed med school. Yeah. Heads up, incoming!

Post scriptum:

Oh, the stupid, it really does burn the eyes!!! How the hell do you… ach, forget it. No real reason for my neurons to commit seppuku by trying to make sense of Trump.


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