Midnight battle of the neurons

               I’ve been busy lately, so busy I’ve done nothing worth mentioning and now, like he-who-should-probably-be-named, my common sense is tingling. No, I haven’t seen Deadpool yet. I might, if the stars align just right and the guardian of my finances wife is in a forgiving mood. However, right now I’ve got some things I have to vent out of my brain before they go poof! in the memory underworld where good ideas go to die. I keep trying to find my humor, the one I’ve lost half a year ago, and keep failing at it. Why? Life happens.

               In short, I don’t like to be right – yet all my predictions were sort of proven right, from Greece to EU cracking at the borders, from the rise of idiocy to the dissolution of free travel. And yet, we’re still going and the trend keeps adding momentum. I think the ghosts of dead comedians whisper in my ears: “The planet is fine. The people are fucked.”. Yeah, I’m increasingly cynical these days. I’ve read a memo that one of my co-workers managed to slip through my spam filter regarding some schtick from Eastern Europe who’s half a step from being declared a saint or something, sanctimonious stating that it’s the end of times. How did he figure it was the end of times? Because women walk around naked. Sheesh, dude, what have you been smoking? What’s wrong with nude ladies? Probably he wants more nude men walking around but whatever, I ain’t swinging that way anyhow and you don’t see me not asking for clothed people, it’s a matter of taste. Spam filter updated.

               But wait, there’s more. The brits are coming. No, wait, that came out wrong. The brits are fake leaving. Of course they won’t leave. The EU can’t afford to lose them. However, the EU can afford to lose the whole south-eastern block, economically speaking. Strategically, it’s a bad move, for the EU. Great move for Putin, though, who’s one step closer to the Danube. Or closing off access to the Black Sea for the rest of us. Damn, dude, take a look at Google Earth. That’s a big-ass country and it’s already quite close to making Ukraine lose the sea-side. If they get any further, I’d say the Carpathian Mountains are one bloody good border to have. Not that I mind, though, them folks there forgot that in the jungle it’s survival of the fittest. Who really said that thing, “hang together or we’ll surely hang separately”? Smart cookie, that one. Too bad they don’t listen to him.

               Listen, future-me, you may have the advantage in knowledge but maybe you need to be reminded on why shit like this happens. Or not, what do I know? But I’ll write it down anyway because, as you may remember, I’m an idiot with memory issues. People are bad, taken as a group. Bad, bad, selfish bastards with the attention span of a goldfish (6 months or so, right?) who enjoy other people’s misfortunes as entertainment. It’s the age of the narcissist and the borderline and I think that’s a bad thing. In this age of dog-eat-dog and everybody for himself, power goes to whoever already has more of it. Sure, if we were smart and worked together, we’d be a big challenge for the new USSR – but we ain’t ergo we’re easy pickings. Divide et impera, that one’s got us good.

               I’ve never seen a clearer picture of today’s society like the one pictured in the entertainment industry. It’s almost a race for violence and gore, for gritty realism, film over film struggling to break barriers and become the latest “first” – and I don’t like it. I still don’t get how a narcissistic film like 50 shades portraying domestic abuse and psychological trauma (because it sure as hell ain’t real, if it were, it’d have been called 50 shades of rape and banned) gets standing ovations. I haven’t laughed at a film more than I did at Spy. The last Marvel film I loved was The Avengers. But I love Lucifer. Everything else is sort of crap. They aren’t real and gritty, they’re trying to make their version of reality real. Ever seen Tomorrowland? Something like that. The future isn’t gritty, brutal and terrifying. The future isn’t written yet. It could be all that, true. Or it could be something better. It’s like comparing the epic-ness of Stargate SG1 to the creepiness of Stargate Universe. I’m not willing to burn my neurons in a film-induced depression, I want fun and jokes and optimism – which is something I think everybody forgot because of the “that’s not what people want” version of the “this is how it’s always done” excuse. We tend to forget about flexibility and that shit. We’re not without the possibility of change, despite what our leaders try to make us think. The future is something we create, good or bad, it’s all on us. On the fun side, I think depressive reality is really starting to get on people’s nerves, I mean how else would you describe the success of Deadpool? James Gunn may be right on target on this one. Maybe this is the rebirth of “optimism” in our culture. Yeah, like I get to be right three times in a row.

               Which reminds me, Vorkosigan Saga is back. Way to go, Lois. Your books always get me cracking up.


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