Breaking barriers

               Oh look, free travel in Europe breaks down and everybody’s got their knickers in a twist. Why? It’s logical, you know. It’s because we’re led by idiots who think common sense and obeying the laws are myths. All it takes is a couple of countries to play hard to get and we’re in the shitter. God forbid we’d use the laws we already have to make Europe safe, it’s easier to blame encryption for the rise of terrorism and refugee crimes. Nobody saw this coming? Yeah, right. I mean, Greece is already in the red economically speaking and we’re expecting them to house a few million refugees on top of that? And other countries are still debating the refugee quota, building walls around their borders and “temporarily” suspending Schengen on account of mass migration. Gee, three cheers for them.

               I understand the frustration of Germans when they say they have enough – if it weren’t for them, the whole thing would have gone the way of the dodo long ago. Nobody helped them. That’s why the current political system in the EU is not sustainable long-term. Some things can’t wait for committees to reach a consensus. I understand the frustration of Greek nationals, once screwed over by their own elected officials, and double screwed over the rest of Europe because potatoes. There is no plan, no coherent strategy to deal with things – if nobody wants to deal with refugees except Germany (and even they are starting to crack), at the very least they ought to provide money, food and equipment for safely handling said refugees; I do include here a large police force to keep them in check. If money were given, I’d say few of the unemployed in Greece would pass by enrolling in the police. Hell, that’d be the ticket to ending the Greek recession, I’d wager 10 pints of Guinness on it.

               I stand by what I’ve said before – those needing help should be given help, but that help should also come with certain terms attached: follow the local laws (one strike and you’re out), security screens and debriefing, GPS transponders or daily mandatory check-ins, mandatory cultural and legal counseling and so on. Speaking of the refugees, supposedly they fled their country to find a better life, to escape war and oppression – nobody forced you to come so bloody well mind your business and keep your eyes and ears open. You don’t either follow the local rules and customs or you’re out. As a parent, I’d voluntarily submit to daily strip-searches including working my arse off for peanuts if it means my kid gets the opportunity to live somewhere safe from idiots. I’d put money (yeah, that’s a first ‘cause I’m that cheap) on most refugees with kids doing exactly that. Sure there’s idiots among the refugees, it’s expected. Sure some of them think we’re dumber than bricks and follow the muslim radicals even in their new adoptive countries, but what the hell? What’s the purpose of having a police force if they don’t protect us? Oh, they’re few, I know. So recruit more, and while we recruit and train them use other means to keep everybody in check. It costs money, yes, but hell, it’s either that or the Christian Patrols or whatever the brits started using.

               There is always a choice, but it seems money has become more important than health and safety. Are we still willing to vote those politicians who’d rather scream bloody murder because we don’t let them spy on our emails (for a change, I’d let them have a go at it, for say 5 years fixed term, just to prove them wrong) because it’s cheaper to have computers analyze communications instead of paying a bunch of police patrols to keep the streets safe? Of course we’re still willing. We voted for these idiots already, it’s a safe bet, I mean we keep doing the same thing and we hope maybe we’ll get a different result if we just do it long enough.

               Europe is changing. Yes siree, it’s already changing. The brits have a faint idea of what has to change, unfortunately they keep popping up that crypto crap because somebody has to spy on their cousins and if they get their other allies into the mix, all’s well. And if they don’t get their say, they’ll go Swiss on the EU. Germany struggles to raise the bar and keeps failing because only Japan has the same devotion to order and strategic discipline and them nice fellows and their Yakuza are kind of far, far away. There is no future in it for an united Europe where every decision has to pass a committee gauntlet where every member has veto rights. Even Denmark and Sweden are getting dumber by the minute, terrified of what the media tells them about waves of nekulturny refugees attacking women and children. Hell, stupidity is contagious. Nobody even dreams of the crimes against those refugees already in Europe, mainly women and children, that’s not politically correct. I dare you to look at the numbers, ten thousand of children missing is quite chilling and it’s only the “official” number.

               That’s the future of nationalism and religious bigotry – one for all when there’s money in it, each for themselves when there isn’t. How much are you willing to bet Germany will crack and there’s going to be another all-out war sweeping from Tunisia to Kazakhstan? It’s easier to bomb them back to the stone age (like there’s much difference from what’s there now) and airdrop all refugees back en-masse while whistling “Job’s done” the peon way, than it is to do what right and reform ourselves. You know what violence brings, right? More violence. And we’re just the right kind of dumb to choose that.

               There’s something though we seem to forget – there can be too much freedom and too much freedom is frightening when somebody wants to abuse it. I’m not talking about refugees, I’m talking about fear. Refugees can be helped if they need help and play by the rules even if that means sending back those who don’t want to play by the rules. It’s easy though costly, and it involves 3 things: teach them the local customs, laws and rules, tell them exactly what they shouldn’t do (and without fear of offending them, they chose to come themselves) and enforce the rules (pack them and ship them if they break even one). Heed the advice of Romans – why the bloody hell do you think half of Europe has latin-based languages? Integrate them. But fear, that’s something we have to purge from ourselves. Strong law-enforcement is just part of the solution. The other part begins only once that’s done. This part means enforcing the same rules for ourselves. Europe should not be a christian-only area, because that’s dumb. It should be a place where no religion has the upper hand and none of them have any right of influencing governments and law-makers. Devout christians choose the path of evil by refusing to help those in need and even harming those they “feel have it coming”. Devout muslim embrace terrorists because they say Europe is degenerate. How about we banish religion to where it belongs, in churches and homes? How about we put our collective feet down and reject (yeah, each and every one of us, not the government) both fundamentalists who feel offended by everything and the idiots who keep offending and provoking them? Look at Charlie Hebdo par example, I don’t care much for what crap they’re peddling in the name of freedom of speech but I certainly don’t care much for the violence that targeted them. Why make them saints? They weren’t saints, they were profiting from the controversy and hatred they themselves were causing. But their lives were irreplaceable and priceless.

               Religion is not about brotherly love and living in harmony, if that were the case we’d be already debt free, war free, famine free and living on Mars. Religion is about separating the faithful from those who dare to think and be different. Religion is segregation, a larger-scale nationalism that teaches the old “If you’re not with me, you’re against me and I will fight you”. It’s how the crusades started. It’s how most wars started. Religion is just one of two, maybe three reasons psychopaths feed the dumb and fearful to make them their puppets, the other ones being poverty and resources (land, minerals and food). Because let’s face it, the psychopaths wanting power over other people is the real reasons wars start. Read your history, it’s quite telling actually.


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