France just managed to shoot “herself” in the foot. Again. It seems there’s a common recurring theme among politicians to subvert obvious good trends because they think their way works better. It doesn’t, for obvious reasons. Hard right my arse, it’s as close to communism as you can get without baptizing themselves as the “new Russia”, the only reason Front National is called “right-wing” party is its rampart xenophobia and racism. Apparently. No, it also seems I can’t be allowed to believe they’re dumb because they’re popular. Sheesh.

               Obviously Europe has to change their stance on a number of things, which is a good thing. Not so good is the dissolution of Schengen. What is the reason for the European Union’s existence? Yeah, the free movement of resources, capital and goods, basically. It gets kind of blurry after this point. Instead of advocating for less power for politicians and more centralized control, it’s also obvious the politicians chose to reject the deal and break up the EU. Because to hell with the EU, innit?

               Look, this looks like a tortoise squeezing back into its shell. I get it, the people are frightened. But retreat is idiotic. Ban the muslim. Ban every other religion except christianity. Then ban them by skin color, because darker tones means terrorism, right? Hitler used fear to subvert a real human need. Just like France is doing right now. Nobody thinks about how this looks just like the rise of nazism? Right. Next they’ll call it a patriotic duty to arrest muslim. I’m an atheist, of course I’m worried.

               We’re falling for loud idiots because we’re afraid. We’re terrified. That’s interfering with our brains, it messes up our decision-making process. I’m not saying that fear is an irrational one, we’re dealing with a real enemy, after all. But personal responsibility should not be discounted, ever. Instead of hiding, let’s face it. Let’s forget about feelings and other crap and think about what exactly would improve our safety. Is encryption a valid worry? Nope. The only thing that can’t be blocked when crossing a border is what’s inside our brain. Math can’t be subject to visa restrictions. We can debate this all we want, all it takes is one or two math teachers and self-taught programmers to screw it up. You can’t equate being crazy with being dumb, it’s statistically invalid. Nash is an example, hell, it’s THE example for being both brilliant and batshit insane. So what purpose would weak encryption serve? If our goal is increased safety and better security, none. A terrorist that won’t blow himself up by accident can be smart enough to not use commercially available encryption. Or, at least, if it’s an organization planning it, they could spend a few hundred quid for an app that any first year IT student can build with his eyes closed. It doesn’t even have to be unbreakable, all it has to do is to hide the message for a few days. Capisci?

               The thing these idiots (I actually mean the politicians, bro) don’t understand is the first rule of HUMINT: when in Rome, do as the romans do. You don’t cut yourself off from information, you use it. Use the immigrants, moron! Make them spies, make them teach your spies, gather information, that sort of thing. You think terrorism is stopped by banning blacks, muslim? Nobody learned the lessons of the Cold War? Terrorists of the future aren’t syrian, they’re naturalized, paranoid, brainwashed or drugged people ready to blow up because society has no idea what damage somebody who thinks has nothing else to lose can make. They can be sleepers, they can be recruits, they can be anything – there are no rules when the desired outcome is terror. It’s like believing fear can be stopped by voting against it.

               Immigrants are not to be feared – they are a good source of information and if screened and watched properly, they’re even a propaganda tool. And how about the workforce? Do you want every single factory abroad, outsourced to China or the far East because they’re cheaper than we are? Why not use these fellows? Keep the factories here. Keep the money here. But what do I know, right?


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