Happy New Year!

Better luck with this one, 2015 was not… nice.


Fat free and brainless

               I’ve been going from victory to defeat on the health front for a while now. To paraphrase Bilbo Baggins, I’ve been there and back again. I managed to lose a few more pounds, then put them back even if nothing on the food front changed. But something changed. I’m beginning to see the light – figuratively speaking, of course, since I have no wish to look upon the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s something few dare say out loud, but everybody needs to hear. No, it’s not about losing weight. Well, it is about losing weight. Like all things good, it’s good across multiple disciplines. But weight loss is only the beginning. Continue reading

Of work and other utopia

               There’s a trend I find extremely bothersome lately, and I’m quite aware of how much I sound like the old fart I picture myself to be (and the “old” part is only there to indicate knowledge and imply competence where those lack, nothing else). New is better, old is bad. We’re creating trends because we can and because we think everything new is automatically better. Who looked at Uber and thought: hey, why aren’t the taxi drivers making a similar app and enforcing similar efficiency and quality rules? Is Uber bad? I think so. I think they’re riding this wave of approval while thinking “if we don’t get money from this, somebody else will”. And we buy it. Continue reading


               France just managed to shoot “herself” in the foot. Again. It seems there’s a common recurring theme among politicians to subvert obvious good trends because they think their way works better. It doesn’t, for obvious reasons. Hard right my arse, it’s as close to communism as you can get without baptizing themselves as the “new Russia”, the only reason Front National is called “right-wing” party is its rampart xenophobia and racism. Apparently. No, it also seems I can’t be allowed to believe they’re dumb because they’re popular. Sheesh. Continue reading