Does my opinion matter? Nope!

               Distributing resources without due diligence and without asking for something in return equals certain trouble. There is no limit to what people demand. Hell, people call for internet access to be included in the basic human rights list. Actually, it’s not a bad idea, let’s go a bit farther than that – give me money to stay home and browse internet all day long. Oh, they do that already? Wait a second.. Something’s screwy around here and it sure isn’t my cable provider.

               I’m all for helping people find a new and better life. Because the right to live is, I think, a basic human right. In the billion people facing starvation, the next Tesla, Einstein or Bohr could be hiding. The previous Ramanujan happened to pop in the stunned faces of the western world, without formal training in mathematics. His genius is still not understood. Yet he was born and lived while his 3 brothers died in infancy due to disease (can’t find the reference, but smallpox was up and around). How many others could we pass by, where would the world be today had they lived? Hawkeye (Alan Alda) in MASH said it best:

Hawkeye: War isn’t Hell. War is war, and Hell is Hell. And of the two, war is a lot worse.

Father Mulcahy: How do you figure, Hawkeye?

Hawkeye: Easy, Father. Tell me, who goes to Hell?

Father Mulcahy: Sinners, I believe.

Hawkeye: Exactly. There are no innocent bystanders in Hell. War is chock full of them – little kids, cripples, old ladies. In fact, except for some of the brass, almost everybody involved is an innocent bystander.

               I don’t think we’re ever getting to that point where we change ourselves. We’re idiots. We worry about protecting our children from every possible knee bruise and ego attack with book banning fests and lawsuits, we teach them to function in an ideal world (for some, not me) and we’ve got the balls to wonder how come they can’t function when the real world is more screwed up than their scariest horror story. We look after cats and dogs and other pets when they’re abandoned but we don’t ever punish those who abandon them. I mean, how could we? I don’t know. But somebody out there has to have asked this question in a brainstorm, innit? I very much doubt that, we’d have a solution by now. It’s easier to point out to a problem than burn a couple of neurons to provide a solution, even if it’s idiotic and even if it’s bound to fail. We build great cathedrals, churches, we spend money by the billion saving investment banks, bailing out whole countries and throwing out half the food we buy daily because it’s spoiled even if we didn’t even get to taste it but we can’t find a common approach to the refugee crisis. And we’re talking about human beings here, men, women and children, young and old. If I were a refugee, I’d give up my life for a chance that my kid lives better than me, for a chance that even if he might have trouble getting enough money to eat every day or raise a family, he won’t be doing it in front of suicide bombers, fanatic killers or going to work every day through a mine field. I don’t know a single thing about the refugees, but I’d bet some of them would do that as well. Our responsibility is toward life, not money, not borders and not religions.

               I have a couple of friends and family members that don’t want refugees around or within Europe as a whole, because they’re muslim and they’re christian. I’m ashamed for them, because they are my friends and it also reflects on me. They’ve been brainwashed. Extremists are bad and it doesn’t matter if they are muslim, christian or buddhist or whatever. I don’t care. I respect religious people who know they can force their religion only upon themselves, not upon their children and certainly not on those around themselves. Religion is a private, personal belief. Wake up, people. Religion is not an issue here, it’s people with guns deciding who’s right and who’s next to die. And we let them do that.

               What if every single refugee were to be greeted, enrolled, fingerprinted and sent somewhere where they could be observed, supervised, allowed to work and reeducated according to the laws of each state? Let them stay, observe, record, show them the promise of a better world for them and their children and send back only those who can’t follow those rules? What if we send them back if they even sneeze in the general vicinity of a place known for being an extremist mosque? Hell, tag them, I’m reasonably sure those who came in search of a better life wouldn’t mind… Who would? Terrorists. Oh. See? The only thing this whole stupid thing about countries bargaining status for refugees or downright refusing to house them did what? They jumped fences, they crossed borders, they scattered like dust in the wind. Human ingenuity knows no limits. And now they are worried? Poland is worried and refuses refugees? Bullshit. Countries like that, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy, whoever else is left… They all care only about money and status. Their politicians are afraid they’d lose votes. The citizens are idiots because they’d rather condemn innocent people to starvation than lose an ounce of personal comfort.

               There are plenty of ways to make things work. Only we don’t want that. You see, the biggest opposition the EU faces comes from their most corrupt and poor countries. It’s not only the EU, the whole continent is ablaze. They want to get more and be responsible for nothing. Remember Greece? Remember Hungary? They pissed all over the EU and they still want to be members. How come, a few decades after the founding of the European Union, that we don’t have just one political system, one military and one financial system? How come we still allow religious fanatics to determine what schools teach our kids? Oh, they do that. Only it’s not Islamic teachings they cover, it’s christian dogma. And even then, either catholic or eastern rite – because to hell with others. Poland, Romania, Bulgaria stand out not because they alone do that, but because they alone are closer to muslim fanatics than their EU allies. Or so I’ve been told (oh, it’s true all right).

               But so far, I’ve done this the wrong way. You see, we all are responsible for it. Schengen admissions are political decisions. EU membership is a political decision. Hell, everything is a political decision. So how come we let that go? Why allow cohesion, structural and integration funds go where our rules are not observed and obeyed? Because we look good, innit?

               That’s the problem. We have no spine. We don’t have principles to guide us. We don’t punish those who willingly break our rules. Rules which, mind you, they swore to obey. Politicians have immunity from the law, and that counts as immunity from voter backlash. Bad things are voted as law because they are demanded by an angry mob, yelling and trashing stores. Good things aren’t voted because nobody yells, because respect and decency weigh way less than threats and shouts. There is no personal responsibility, no accountability and no penalty for breaking the rules. Infringement threats.. Like those matter. Bureaucracy may make things move, but what difference does it make to a starving kid if they manage to issue a food supply… after 3 years. None. There are a few things you don’t do, if you want to have control over things and get them done – you don’t lie, you look for solutions instead of problems, you don’t outsource, you don’t slack off and you don’t put decisions in the hands of the politicians who think that haggling over treaties and money for months is the right thing to do when thousands of refugees need help.. now. This is the new European Union. It will change. It will endure. But what survives won’t be like this. I sure as hell hope not.

               The next security doesn’t come from the invasion of privacy, by reading emails and snooping on phone calls. We have it and it does nothing. How come Twitter and Facebook and other crap is still used by ISIS? Can’t they be banned? What about newspapers? See? If Turkey can ban them, why not the others? The next security comes from following people around – tag them and see exactly where they go, when and who meets them there. There’s lots of people used to big data, take a couple of them from the marketing and analytics or hell, borrow them if you want from Google. They’ll tell you what they ate for lunch and what tip they left the waitress. They don’t need spooks for this, they need analysts, cubicle rats like me, trained to follow their scent. Spooks can do the rest. Then send them back if there’s even the slightest suspicion. Encrypt passports, but everything from fingerprint to RNA sequencing in there. Oh, there’s a volcano ready to blow, I’m sure all “human rights activists” are already switching from crimson to violet as the base color of their faces but it’s true. They can use this only on refugees, if that’s a problem. Or only on immigrants, whether they are from Pakistan, Syria, Albania or Romania, it won’t matter. Monitor them like the cold war soviet transmissions and you don’t have to tag their children at all. Only thing is, if you cover every possible feasible possibility they use to reject harboring refugees, you’re still left with one thing – the irrational. And that, my future self, you can’t get rid of – you can only teach the next generation to stop fearing and hating, this one’s broken and nobody can fix it. We don’t have the patience for it, nor the dedication for following the same goal more than one year. But we can teach our children to do it.


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