Europe invictus

               Well, what can I say? Muslim terrorists hit France. France will hit back, only this time there’s something else there – a new option that opened up only in the past few months. Unlike our cousins across the ocean, living in the land of the free™, we here have considerable experience with xenophobia and antisemitism ergo I have a wee feeling Islam just got written on a special list. From this moment on, I think there’s going to be a very, very active movement to either ban this religion outright or to “relocate” its members somewhere else, preferably somewhere with lots of sand or, if they don’t get the hint, a meter or two under that sand. It’s a bad day for democracy and freedom everywhere, but the other option (the one I’d use) would be active war against terrorist states followed by the improved US drone strikes doctrine to keep peace. And that’s even worse. Either way, Islam in Europe is on the way out.

               We’ve had 2 world wars, a massive number of smaller wars and well, a couple of successful muslim invasions on our soil, so far. I see the signs. But do you know what happens when Europe wins? What happened to Germany’s jewish population after the Allies finished off Hitler and the nazi? They left. Most of them left. In 1933, 60% of them lived in Europe. In 1950, 51% of them lived in the US, and 30% of them in Europe. Right now, 42% of them live in Israel and 40% of them live in the US. Why? Because even if we defeated the nazi, even if we bombed them back into the stone age, they achieved one goal – the forced relocation of most jews. Every single man, woman and child who has experienced a traumatic event will tell you they just want to forget. They want to rip it from their soul and cast it out from their identity, they want to build a wall to separate themselves from that event and the first step they take is to move as far as they can from their former home. Even if we defeat the terrorists in their homes, it will accomplish nothing in Europe. Europe’s muslim population is about to have a rude awakening – not because their religion is bad (although, as an atheist I think all religions are bad, but I may be wrong) but because they didn’t do enough to distance themselves from the terrorists. In the minds of most people they are or will be guilty by association. They will be oppressed, unfortunately, even if they are the kindest of the kind – this will happen not because they are bad, but because we are, because fear and anger block rational thoughts and some of the very bad ones we have among us know this as well. Think Slobodan Milosevic.

We will still be free once this is over. But that freedom will be won, not inherited.

I grieve.


12 thoughts on “Europe invictus

  1. We move towards exclusiveness a step at a time until we exclude all except the home tribe.
    Its part of our evolutionary baggage that ensured our survival and it is easily unearthed in any one of us.
    Isis is merely an extreme case that has grabbed the reins of power.
    Beware when ideology rules its a killer of all who oppose it.
    When a man puts God or any dogma above the well- being of others we are all in danger.
    This is quite a recent conclusion and not wide spread in the modern world. Now there are many millions of modernists who , fortunately , don’t take their religious label too seriously. I suspect that there are also many psychopaths who are glad of a free ride. Robert Hare estimates 1% of the American population are psychopaths he may be right.

  2. True. Unfortunately, fear creates monsters from the best of us. When we do nothing, they win. When our contribution to society is only outraged clicks on facebook, sharing and offering only virtual support, those who get their hands dirty rule. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man rules. And somehow I don’t think the universe cares about our wishes that our leaders be benevolent.

  3. The universe does not think; it is amoral.
    Fear is generally only temporary when we are faced with danger, radicalisation is a permanent condition very difficult to reverse; once it grasps power it is like a roller coaster and mows down all opposition.
    The ordinary citizen can only vote or join a protest march as many have done. We have some dangerous politicians vying for power right now in America.

  4. There is no sarcasm font attribute, you know.. The ordinary citizen can do more than that. Anybody can. Help those who need help with either money, food or clothes. One can take charge, organize, maybe even lead others to do just that. Votes and protests only work for politicians half the time, what protests can one organize in Belarus for instance? The only way to remove fundamentalism is to remove the need for it – education, ethics, a better economy and a strong law enforcement are the way to do it. No hiding behind “let’s not upset/offend”, no dancing around the subject, if any man, religion, ideology or country demands death and destruction then it deserves exactly that for itself.
    If one party or politician demands we give up our rights, they should give up their rights, too.

  5. Education , ethics , a better economy
    I’m very skeptical take a look at Saudi Arabia . Some deflectors to Isis have been through university.
    We already have the best and only defence. democratic government, but there is always the danger of radical thinking so you are quite right strong laws to guard freedom.

  6. Well, Saudi Arabia is one of the best examples of knowledge without understanding. Hell, some of the biggest voices against evolution have had higher education. Some doctors also teach “alternative” medicine (crap, even Dr. Oz vouched for it) like homeopathy and other bullshit. It’s not enough to learn something, you have to understand if and how to use it – to put yourself in the other guy’s shoes for instance. I mean, education is about learning to understand, ethics is about learning how your choices affect those around you and if you add a bit of the “why” then all’s good. A better economy means less fear and anger that can be manipulated by those who know how to do it. Knowing we have the right to speak freely is a different thing alltogether from knowing I shouldn’t put some of those Hebdo drawings in public circulation. That’s not free speech, that’s inciting hatred. Then again, trolls always hide behind free speech.

  7. I agree a better economy gives freedom a better chance. Also we should not be free to insult or demean others.
    You are struggling to make a case for education. What we need is character not more education or technology. The trouble is character cannot be taught only aquired through experience. Our rat-race economy encourages selfish ambition.

  8. No, I’m trying to make a case for wisdom, which is different than education and character. Character is important, it gives one confidence. Education gives one information but wisdom, wisdom teaches you the how, when and the why.

  9. Nope. I sort of disagree. School shouldn’t be only about accumulating information, school should also teach how to use that information, when to use it, where and most importantly, why. Unfortunately all of the above are subject of various reforms to remove “offensive” materials up to the point where even history is rewritten. If nobody loses, is anybody a winner? Not everybody is “special” and the point is, that’s exactly what it should be. We no longer teach personal responsibility, we teach “face saving”.

  10. Here is a real example ; science discovers radioactivity. It transpires it has many uses firstly the distructive force of the atomic bomb but also the production of electricity.
    As with all these things both are eagarly taken up by mankind.

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