Algebra for dreams

               I was in my last year of high-school when I began to develop delusions of grandeur. I was a modest programmer at best, with some very good instincts on hiding things (especially computer games) from the eyes of my teachers – not a hard thing to do, all in all, since the only ones I had to worry about were fellow students. Some of them were employed around the labs, since winning the gold in programming Olympics surely meant they outclassed every single IT teacher we had there at that particular time. It was they who discovered my passion for this new field and it was their sometimes not so subtle guidance that steered my curiosity – I was walking a rather thin line, half a step from being expelled. Between crafting various algorithms and software to bring up my grades (I had no interest in chemistry, physics, math or any other discipline outside of programming) by making the teachers forget their own rhetoric with stunning (for that time) graphics to illustrate the binding of molecules, graphing equations and particle collisions, my fellow students told me to help them with some projects – chief among them was getting rid of computer viruses. I still have some pretty fond memories of ASM from that time, even before Windows began climbing to version 95 – hell of a way to count, I’d say. Continue reading


Does my opinion matter? Nope!

               Distributing resources without due diligence and without asking for something in return equals certain trouble. There is no limit to what people demand. Hell, people call for internet access to be included in the basic human rights list. Actually, it’s not a bad idea, let’s go a bit farther than that – give me money to stay home and browse internet all day long. Oh, they do that already? Wait a second.. Something’s screwy around here and it sure isn’t my cable provider. Continue reading

You just can’t please everybody

… Well, keep in mind I do like to help people. I happen to think manners matter and helping those around you is important, though saying no once in a while can’t hurt. But the real point of this text is this: seek compromise instead of wasting time and resources on something that’s bound to fail. And do take this verbatim, no interpretation is required because I’m sort of bonkers.

               Some people go overboard with trying to please everybody, they’ll work their arse off believing it’s a good choice either because of their upbringing or because they think that by doing it they’ll score some points with the higher-ups. No, compromise isn’t a factor here. Compromise means I give something up and you give something up and that way we both get something we both want but without a clear winner or loser. It isn’t an issue, it’s just common sense. Pleasing everybody is something else, it requires no compromise from the parties involved because it means nobody gives up anything. Can that work? Only if you’re sure you can find the perfect solution to a given problem because most of the time the perfect solution is like an unicorn – you hear they exist, but get one picture of them and it’s a rhinoceros that looks nothing like a horse. I can’t do perfect. In a world of 8 billion people, somebody might, eventually, but I can’t put money on that without buying a lottery ticket first. So, is it possible? Continue reading

Europe invictus

               Well, what can I say? Muslim terrorists hit France. France will hit back, only this time there’s something else there – a new option that opened up only in the past few months. Unlike our cousins across the ocean, living in the land of the free™, we here have considerable experience with xenophobia and antisemitism ergo I have a wee feeling Islam just got written on a special list. From this moment on, I think there’s going to be a very, very active movement to either ban this religion outright or to “relocate” its members somewhere else, preferably somewhere with lots of sand or, if they don’t get the hint, a meter or two under that sand. It’s a bad day for democracy and freedom everywhere, but the other option (the one I’d use) would be active war against terrorist states followed by the improved US drone strikes doctrine to keep peace. And that’s even worse. Either way, Islam in Europe is on the way out.

               We’ve had 2 world wars, a massive number of smaller wars and well, a couple of successful muslim invasions on our soil, so far. I see the signs. But do you know what happens when Europe wins? What happened to Germany’s jewish population after the Allies finished off Hitler and the nazi? They left. Most of them left. In 1933, 60% of them lived in Europe. In 1950, 51% of them lived in the US, and 30% of them in Europe. Right now, 42% of them live in Israel and 40% of them live in the US. Why? Because even if we defeated the nazi, even if we bombed them back into the stone age, they achieved one goal – the forced relocation of most jews. Every single man, woman and child who has experienced a traumatic event will tell you they just want to forget. They want to rip it from their soul and cast it out from their identity, they want to build a wall to separate themselves from that event and the first step they take is to move as far as they can from their former home. Even if we defeat the terrorists in their homes, it will accomplish nothing in Europe. Europe’s muslim population is about to have a rude awakening – not because their religion is bad (although, as an atheist I think all religions are bad, but I may be wrong) but because they didn’t do enough to distance themselves from the terrorists. In the minds of most people they are or will be guilty by association. They will be oppressed, unfortunately, even if they are the kindest of the kind – this will happen not because they are bad, but because we are, because fear and anger block rational thoughts and some of the very bad ones we have among us know this as well. Think Slobodan Milosevic.

We will still be free once this is over. But that freedom will be won, not inherited.

I grieve.