Emotions of good looks

               I’ve already covered the social points of first impressions some time ago, there is no need to cover them again. However, I haven’t mentioned that much how your appearance makes or breaks your own behavior. Why? No idea, so the time may be right to jump on that. You see, women already know what I’m about to tell you and if you’re already considering skipping this text also there’s only one thing you might want to remember: your appearance influences your mood and your confidence. Changing clothes, trying out different shoes and even taking a shower or spraying a bit of your favourite perfume will make you feel a different man. I know this because I asked my wife and she agrees. Go figure. Continue reading


Good work for bad people

               I may have mentioned the laws of physics once or twice before today, I did. However, most of my chaotic and questionable writings have been about the human mind and my efforts change into a better man, to become somebody else in flesh and thought – this is not a random effort, it is something I believe is derived from the laws of physics by way of mathematical modeling. Sounds fishy? It should, I wrote it that way and it sure sounds fishy to me, too. But my models actually do work. It’s the scale of things that doesn’t work. I’m not having trouble with effectiveness, I’m hitting all the right markers but I’m not scoring high on efficiency. You see, there’s trouble ahead with lions and dragons in uncharted territory, because I’ve reached a point in my life where everything hinges on my mental abilities and not on the various textbooks and work scenarios I may or may not use for peak performance. I’ve reached the highest level of my competence or, as the Peter Principle states way better: I have risen to the level of my incompetence. The only thing I can improve is not my work but my mind, and I have to admit I might need a wee bit of help. Continue reading

The problem with men

… or the gentleman’s guide to life (as seen by somebody who isn’t one).

               I’ve checked. There are lots of problems with us, not just one, and it’s getting worse by the day. But the single most important problem I’ve faced myself is the lack of role models. We don’t know how to behave, we don’t know how to think and we don’t know why we have to think and behave like real men. This word, real, is only a prop that’s way too overused in today’s media, because the real life examples aren’t there anymore. It used to mean something and the closest synonym I can find is gentleman, though they only intersect. A “real” man is also a subjective account prone to changes and mutations, like in fashion, nobody knows exactly what to think of it. However, I may have a few ideas that aren’t that popular and won’t actually involve the age-old war of sexes. I won’t look at males versus females, I’m looking at the actual unspoken identity that has both behavioral and visual components – because nobody’s actually going for both (that I know of). Continue reading

Do I have to?

               I’ve been thinking, again, which is bad on so many levels, because I’m usually on the wrong side of the equation and people somehow seem to think disagreeing with me is a sure sign for a future Nobel prize. I think, but what comes out of my mouth might (well, I could say it’s a sure thing but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here) not necessarily be in the politically correct phrasing therefore people get offended and I get confused. I’m not a people person, I know that. I’m walking that small line between idiocy and genius, where the only thing that keeps you on either side is how you say things. The argument is actually irrelevant to this, as the question that’s been keeping me up at night these past few days is: “Do I have to take sides?” Continue reading

The perfect storm. Part 2.

               There are too many ways to fool one’s brain. Look around. What you see is not real. What you see is a reflection of reality interpreted by your brain. There’s even an expression for that, when obvious things are invisible to me or you, we can’t see the forest because of all those damn trees. Yes, it’s true, it’s a problem and it won’t go away. It happened to me, it has happened to you and it will keep on happening. My glasses were right in front of me. My phone was in my hand. And yet, I didn’t see them. Sometimes the brain plays tricks on us because it’s … well, for the lack of a better word, lazy. The brain doesn’t want to work that much so what it does is to remember the most frequent shapes and identification markers for the most frequent things we usually look for – and instead of identifying everything we see, it tries to identify only those things I’ve mentioned. It’s like a commercial radar that only sees transponders instead of a military one that actually sees things that fly. Less work and faster response time, yes, but it comes with a small print to shame a banker. Your response time is faster but you sometimes you’ll fail so hard it’ll be funny jackass style.. Continue reading