The perfect storm. Part 1.

               The mind is a wonderful thing. It’s also the one thing we don’t really understand, especially when it comes to the age old question – “how do we think?”. There have been tons of books written on that subject, often contradicting one another, both public and … less public. Better minds than mine have turned the subject on all sides, trying to figure out and then replicate the workings of geniuses, mad men, terrorists, athletes and stock brokers – that last group featuring up on all “screwed up in the brain” books because it often shares too many of the warning flags with forlorn hope enthusiasts, small chances of big rewards for even bigger risks. Understanding how the brain works could give us insights into taming the placebo effect, curing depression and fighting off anxiety, along with obvious choices like improving memory and learning processes. It is quite intriguing, you see.

               But there’s more. I don’t buy into all that “security” stuff they peddle for the masses these days, because it’s exactly like selling unbreakable door locks retail – the real, professional thieves are about less than 1% of the western population. The amateurs, those who often get arrested on stupid things, are a bit higher up in numbers. The normal, honest to god hard working folks, are about 50% of the population. In between, there’s about 45% of people who could be tempted into doing smaller thefts if they thought they might get away with it, either because they’re low enough on the food chain to have almost zero hope of ever improving their lives or because they’re backed into a corner by others – and that’s not really a wild arse guess. Think poor, uneducated people who can’t get jobs outside of digging ditches or sifting through garbage for their next meal. Those very secure door locks aren’t for the professional thieves or even their amateur buddies – those folks are used to lateral thinking and they often share information on targets and how to do it, hell, it’s on the internet anyway. Those locks aren’t for the honest citizen either, they aren’t stealing and won’t even think about stealing. The locks are used more as psychological deterrent for the rest of the undecided – for those 45% who are tempted but aren’t actually doing anything illegal – but they might, if the conditions were right. And also to “protect” the honest folk, who are tricked into believing they’re safe and secure behind a door. They aren’t, but that’s not the issue here.

               All this ELINT stuff sort of makes me cross-eyed, I mean, they’re intercepting emails and phone calls but the governments do the pinky swear they aren’t listening in on conversations, cross my heart. You know how you stop terrorists? You hit them in the pocket. You cut their funding, either isolating countries who support them or use covert means (hiding officers in banks). You use biometric passports linked across several databases hosted in different places – if there’s a passport present in just one or two databases and not the others, you present them with the muzzle of a Beretta right between their mouth and their nose. Stuff like that. Suicide bombers are by definition, first timers. What do they say in terrorist bomb school? Watch me, I’m going to show you how this works exactly once. Yeah, bummer.

               I look around and all Europe is in an uproar, worried about the refugees and who gets to pay for what. You know something, it’s always money that gets people flustered up, not lives. Sure, I’d be surprised if some of those idiots waving black flags aren’t trying to get into Europe by posing as refugees, but the normal, logical approach would be to pool resources and get the refugees stable and happy instead of having them run across fields and jump barb wire fences – bad guys love chaos because it hides them, so by providing a temporary shelter and scattering the refugees across the western world while fingerprinting them all the way to their new home ought to provide a clear trace on who goes where and when. You control the flow and watch them like a hawk – only they aren’t doing it, are they? I suppose every intelligence agency on the map is having nightmares every night, if they do get to sleep. Recruitment ought to be up in every college, too. It really went FUBAR fast, just because some idiots are more worried about money.

               No, the EU is dead. Victoria Nuland was right. It’s just a name used by some countries trying to expand their economic influence and by other countries trying to get a free ride on other people’s money. It may have been a good idea at the beginning but it’s so screwed up in execution it’s like declaring North Korea a democracy. The human mind failed us. I mean, you have several economies trying to expand into former Iron Curtain territory by giving them non-refundable financial aid they can only use to buy equipment and technology from EU-based companies and linking those funds to the implementation of laws and regulations provided by the EU. Win-win at first glance, but when push comes to shove, you have those new EU members refuse to work as EU members – meaning you ask them to shelter refugees and they refuse. Or cheat on their tests like Greece has, resorting to falsified financial reports you thought were legit. And since there’s no higher authority to resort to, you can’t punish them because your previous backers would go ape, it would hurt their sales. EU officials are between a rock and a hard place, between having to force opposing governments with nothing but empty threats and your own citizens and companies who do business abroad and who’d get the short end of the stick if you actually made good on your threats. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I get it, I think there are people in France and Germany who haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night since 2008. They’re the real heroes, but nobody knows who they are.

               I’ve sort of counted about 10 real threats to the European Union as a political entity in the previous article and it’s only the public face of the iceberg, only since 2008. We have a political and economical union of narcissists who can’t decide on anything except the ethical treatment of farm animals. We have a foreign power (the Soviet Union, the name may be different but it’s still the same thing) invading Ukraine, taking a big chunk of its territory, and the EU can’t do anything but place “economic sanctions” because the USA got rattled (my guess is their HUMINT got bled too much while shifting resources to combat islamic insurgents and ELINT just didn’t see it coming). Even more, when they threaten with more sanctions, their own companies complain (see Siemens in Germany and Hollande’s interview). We have no currency control because the euro is used as a main currency in too many countries without a centralized C&C node, every country has control over its own financial buttons and nobody is willing to give it up. Everybody has governments doing what they think benefits their people and nobody wants to share power. In short, we got nothing except smoke and mirrors. If shit hits the fan and the euro as a currency disappears, only 2 countries will benefit – Germany and France, the rest of the euro zone will go belly up. Why? Because only those two countries have the industry, the people and the knowledge to survive – the rest of them just joined willingly for free money and to please their citizens with western products. Did you know Pepsi was present in USSR since 1972? Did you know what happened after the fall of communism? Their sales went down because they were associated with the old regime and Coca Cola took their place. Money before morals proves a bad strategy when viewed long term. Always. So there’s really no other way to say it – the EU as we know it, with free rides and free lunches, with no control and no cohesion, is going down. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, FUBAR all the way.

               But why? Because we’re dumber than a bunch of rocks. People don’t understand that limiting the power of their elected politicians over the individual economies is not a matter of national pride but a necessity for future economic improvement. All they see is money they think comes free, no strings attached, theirs to use on whatever they want – because they are gullible and believe in Santa Claus. What’s even worse is they can’t see the bigger picture, not that they’re encouraged to do it. They think the European Union can work in the case of ethnocentric nationalism, demanding independence (like the Catalan separatist movement in Spain) or autonomy (like the Hungarian demands for a Transylvanian autonomic region in Romania) or even a major land-grab (like the Albanian move for Kosovo), but still retain membership in the EU.

               Well, if that’s the case, they’re idiots – either demand full independence or keep the status quo, anything else is bullshit. But it might not be that way (unless we’re talking about the case of Spain or Romania). The whole purpose of the EU is economic integration, it’s a political and economic union of states. It can’t work unless countries join forces because the whole purpose of this experiment is common policy – shared rules, shared market, shared resources (capital, people, infrastructure). It’s the first logical step to an unified Europe, I think. They don’t want unification, they want free money, they want independence but somebody else to pay for it. The refugees are proof of this. You can’t have the EU without the EU control, it’s a package deal. You can’t have self-sufficiency but still depend on other people’s money. I don’t think they understand that. That’s why I’m calling them idiots – because there’s no softer term to describe their logic. They want access to EU markets, they want to have euro as their currency, they want to tax foreign business because that favors local business, they want their government to hold all power over their local piece of land and they don’t want foreign involvement in local affairs, all this financed by EU finances. In a world where their current government loses power in favor of the EU, they want independence because they want to rule themselves. I may repeat myself but it’s quite hilarious – they want to steal their independence from their current rulers only to give it away to the EU rulers, and they do this while their current rulers actually give more and more of their power to the EU. Why? The power transfer is happening already. I can’t think of any other reason than wanting their 15 minutes of fame and to hell with the others. Narcissism? Most likely. Corruption? Well, somebody gotta steal something before the music stops, right? So… The less educated get manipulated by nationalist, self-centered propaganda, things go bad for everybody, they get their 15 minutes of fame, they manage to spin it like they’re heroes and sell it to the EU, all of this over 20 years. Thing is, the way I figure, if they didn’t shake things up, that outcome might happen in half the time and half the suffering – only it’s not their suffering they’re selling, now, is it?


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