I wonder why

               Things could be better for Europe, these days. Of course, they could be worse but who’s counting? I am, actually. Iceland defaulted 2008-2009. Ireland is bailed out in 2010. Portugal is bailed out in 2011, Greece hides by using creative wording to cover up a selective bailout, Slovakia is bailed out and Italy’s using Berlusconi to his limit (it is called misdirection, if you know what I mean). Spain makes rude gestures at the rest of Europe in 2012, Cyprus is bailed out the first time. Cyprus is bailed out the second time around in 2013 and tests the waters for the rest of Europe – it becomes the first time a government legally steals money from average citizen’s bank accounts to save the banks – even if those people receive shares at those banks in return of the seized deposits. Of course, Laiki Bank still goes under. In 2014, Portugal’s largest bank goes kablooey, Ukraine begins a one-sided war (because either they’re fighting ghosts or the Soviet Union’s lying to people – which might not be a first to them) and Greece starts an economic free-for-all by dissolving its parliament. 2015 starts badly, as the Swiss cuts their economy at the knees, temporarily, by free-floating its franc, then Greece elects you-know-who to do you-know-what, which then ends not surprisingly exactly as I told you it’ll end (hint, in a bailout if you don’t care to click links). And now the refugees are storming in, making average citizens afraid of their own shadows. Did I leave anything out?

               The point is we’re actually living in a sort of pre-Idiocracy scenario. All this and nobody’s pointing out the elephant in the room? Obvious troll is obvious, you know. How come nobody seems to mind their elected leaders going on from one stupid decision to another stupid decision but scream their lungs off at the mere sight of refugees? Eastern Europe’s the worst offender here, they keep screaming they don’t want refugees (because they’re idiots, though that’s not really news to anyone) but they aren’t exactly a popular destination – them fellows don’t want to stay there, they want to go west (pun intended) because, let’s face it, even their citizens want to do just that (if they could, which proves cognitive dissonance still rules and hypocrisy is still a thing for them). Hungarian propaganda sometimes actually resembles SS-style rationalization, for that matter. Actually, the only voice of reason (only the voice, because actual action is debatable) in there is the voice of the church(es), whispering seductively about christian values and the need to help their fellow man in need – but that’s only for show because their own followers are the ones kicking and screaming about “muslim infiltrators” and the islamization of Europe. What better way to gain points than to preach for the actual christian values knowing your followers won’t change their minds or their behavior? Heh, somebody there’s a good strategist and it ain’t the Catholic Church if you catch my drift..

               Why are we so bloody stupid? I don’t care about the refugees, they’re not an issue for the purposes of this here article – I’d do the same thing if I were in their shoes, I’d take my wife and son and make for the promised land because, let’s face it, I don’t want my son anywhere near danger even if I may be willing to tolerate some of it. Therefore I can’t fault their actions, not one bit and they’re here, now, so .. Why not make the best of it? We can’t ship them back home – actually we can, but if we do that I’ll personally think we’re beyond redemption and not better than ISIS and an angel shoots a baby rabbit – and we can’t ignore them, so let’s bloody slow down and think for a minute. This isn’t some doomsday scenario, it’s real and it’s frightening but not to us, it’s more frightening to them. Sure there may be a few nutcases there waiting for a chance to blow something up, that’s why we’re paying all those military types brown-nosing through our porn folders and emails, to protect us from them. We’re not better or worse than we were in June, at the height of the Greece-EU cold war. We still have our jobs (probably), we still have some semblance of stability, our elected officials still do dumb shit while stealing us blind, it’s called life and if we stopped listening to the news or dumb schmucks relying on Twitter and Facebook feeds for news, most of us would never know something happened.

               We’re idiots not because we don’t want refugees camping near us because if France’s a good measure in this Groundhog Day type scenario for the gipsy camps, we kind of don’t. It makes us a wee bit racist but that’s life fer you. We’re idiots because we’re buying into this manipulation of our fears, we’re being made, conned into thinking we have to defend our lifestyle from the hordes of Genghis Khan, a thing so simple it sort of makes our lifestyle good because the other side has it a whole damn lot worse. We could improve our lives, though that could take years, dedication and voting for the exact politicians that’ll never make the wrong choices for the next few years and let’s face it, that’ll never happen unless we’re under enemy bombardment and even then it’s a long shot. Could this selective blindness be related to economics? Could it actually be that we’re too afraid of our shadows to use whatever brain cells we still retain? I can’t imagine why Viktor Orban’s still in power after five years despite going full retard and picturing himself as a christian crusader staving off the muslim hordes (because children apparently aren’t worth mentioning or come already gift-wrapped in semtex). Or why romanian PM Ponta still rules after being indicted on tax evasion charges and several members of his party and government actually went to prison for corruption. Bulgarian government is taking aim (political translation: is stalling as hard as they can) at setting up an anti-corruption institution, after more than 20 years since communism went in the trashcan. Italian illegal money making schemes account for a couple of tens of billion euros each year (I wonder how much it costs to decrease their average public debt by 10%). Spain is fighting on two, three or more fronts depending on who’s newspaper you’re reading, facing secession while hiding from bankruptcy and dodging Podemos voters while doing “The three stooges” fingers-to-eye gestures at them. France is… well… France, voting stupid leaders that don’t lack arrogance since 1941 because it’s easier than improving. Hell, even Sarkozy was better than the current president and … he was funny. I dare you, click on that.

               Those are just some of the cold, hard facts we choose to ignore because we’re focusing on something else. On someone else. We’re not improving our lives even if we could because the fear that immigrants will take away our jobs and will make our lives worse means we’re having it good, now (obviously, we don’t). We’re not demanding efficiency and focus from our governments because they actually use some of their brain cells, though it’s at confusing us that they’re using them on. We’re not making our lives better but we’re rejecting those who actually try to do it. I wonder if that’s actually the reason we hate them, underneath all that religious intolerance, xenophobia, racism and nausea coming from seeing refugees camp on our front lawn. Should we deny refugees a chance at living in peace because the terrorist to refugee ratio is 1:200,000? Where do we draw the line? At 1:100,000? Is one in ten the limit? Should we abandon 9 people to poverty, death and misery because one in their group of 10 is a terrorist? Or do such limits actually show our true colors, our panicked and terrified core we hide and brainwash ourselves into believing we don’t have it? Caution is good, panic is something else entirely. We can use caution while helping them and it’s all right – but right now, we aren’t. I’m heading for a whiskey to burn the memory of such idiots from my memory. Sure as hell I wouldn’t want to be around such… people.

               Folks, if you demand foreigners to go back to where they came from, why should you be allowed to take german, british or french jobs? Why should they let you? Because you have rights? Right back at you. Because you’re white, christian and law-abiding? Middle finger salute. Cognitive dissonance won’t help you. It’s their jobs and your citizens. They could be doing to you exactly what you’re trying to do to the refugees, only there’s no moral support for you. Your “values” are not values, you’re racist even if you’re “pro” blacks but against the chinese, you’re a bad person because you rationalize sending refugees back into harm’s way by way of hidden terrorists and islamic attacks. You, the fellow there with the black shirt, yes, you – know this, it doesn’t matter what you think, the only thing that matters is what you choose to do. I don’t care if you’re calling up the name of Saint George, patron saint of whatever, you’re still a bad person if you do bad things (not excluding helping granny cross the street if she doesn’t want to). It doesn’t matter if you’re mentally shooting up small birds, cats or even Cecil the Lion (I don’t like cats, just wanted to point out), if you don’t act up on that but instead go out of your way to help those around you. You could have a mind filthier than Donald Trump’s (oy, that’d take some doing) but still do good deeds and be a good human being. Anyhow, anybody still screams european superiority at Trump’s “hate the mexicans” speeches after all this “hate the refugees” coming from everywhere in Europe? As for myself, I’d award Angela Merkel the Nobel Peace Prize if it were up to me. And if she won’t change her mind, which could happen since she’s a politician. And the IG prize to Viktor Orban, though if it didn’t have a happy end for him I’d go for the Darwin Awards – only he’s more likely to prosper. The stupid, it burns, gaah!


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