The perfect storm. Part 1.

               The mind is a wonderful thing. It’s also the one thing we don’t really understand, especially when it comes to the age old question – “how do we think?”. There have been tons of books written on that subject, often contradicting one another, both public and … less public. Better minds than mine have turned the subject on all sides, trying to figure out and then replicate the workings of geniuses, mad men, terrorists, athletes and stock brokers – that last group featuring up on all “screwed up in the brain” books because it often shares too many of the warning flags with forlorn hope enthusiasts, small chances of big rewards for even bigger risks. Understanding how the brain works could give us insights into taming the placebo effect, curing depression and fighting off anxiety, along with obvious choices like improving memory and learning processes. It is quite intriguing, you see. Continue reading


I wonder why

               Things could be better for Europe, these days. Of course, they could be worse but who’s counting? I am, actually. Iceland defaulted 2008-2009. Ireland is bailed out in 2010. Portugal is bailed out in 2011, Greece hides by using creative wording to cover up a selective bailout, Slovakia is bailed out and Italy’s using Berlusconi to his limit (it is called misdirection, if you know what I mean). Spain makes rude gestures at the rest of Europe in 2012, Cyprus is bailed out the first time. Cyprus is bailed out the second time around in 2013 and tests the waters for the rest of Europe – it becomes the first time a government legally steals money from average citizen’s bank accounts to save the banks – even if those people receive shares at those banks in return of the seized deposits. Of course, Laiki Bank still goes under. In 2014, Portugal’s largest bank goes kablooey, Ukraine begins a one-sided war (because either they’re fighting ghosts or the Soviet Union’s lying to people – which might not be a first to them) and Greece starts an economic free-for-all by dissolving its parliament. 2015 starts badly, as the Swiss cuts their economy at the knees, temporarily, by free-floating its franc, then Greece elects you-know-who to do you-know-what, which then ends not surprisingly exactly as I told you it’ll end (hint, in a bailout if you don’t care to click links). And now the refugees are storming in, making average citizens afraid of their own shadows. Did I leave anything out? Continue reading

Well… no, I sort of care

               After adopting Bruce Lee’s principles about learning, I felt I was going crazy. He said “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own” and it was a good one, at first glance. Only I couldn’t get it to work. What’s the point of looking at bad stuff and finding truth if it makes you empathize with all that crap? Well, it was probably the hardest lesson for my young mind to learn. After all, he was Bruce Lee. I don’t know any kids born before 1980 but after his death that didn’t worship him. I did sort of break my back in Judo training because of him, more than two decades ago. I knew his way was better because I related to it – I was tall, fat, slow and dumb but I still believed I was destined for greatness. Why? Well.. You’re still sort of skipping every three out of five words so far, ain’t you? Continue reading

Truthful lies

               Very few things annoy me more than people who yell their flawed opinions all over. I’d call them dumb but in truth, most of them aren’t. They’re idiots. I’m one of them. No, that’s not a typo. It’s the truth, as far as I understand it. Continue reading

I’m thinking but I don’t have to like it

               I’m having a bit too much fun reading some crazy shit, even if I’ve put most of it on hold. But some of it is too much, like this here gem and some of the commenters. I’ll tell you, it’s somewhat like watching mr. Bean, funny but sad because the process of reading it doesn’t involve even a single neuron. Not even if you only have two of those, like I do. Continue reading