I’m bored

               That I am. Bored. I could be picking up the slack but I’m not. I could be hammering away at my dream home, but I ain’t. Boredom is nothing to sneeze at, for me. I got my wish, though. Life in a strange country is boredom with the occasional moment of pure terror. I could be making fun of myself better – that one particular thought that crossed my mind is gold, a dirty mind makes common life much more interesting. But I’m not. The reason for this small piece of text is a simple principle that’s been guiding me these past few years – action is always preferable. If in doubt, attack. In my case, write. Something’s gotta give.

               I’m having little bits of information bouncing around those two functional neurons that keep my skull still active, there’s an awful lot of unused space between my ears that could be put to better use. One of them links my lack of enthusiams to my lack of sleep – that one’s too close to the truth for my liking so I’m keeping it locked up until further notice. Another one’s describing the need for better books, apparently the latest books I’ve seen released lately somehow fail to get me up and running. I mean, either I’m pushing another brain twister or this week’s about very interesting – how many books have you seen lately to make one’s brain light up on scanners? Oy vey, no, I’m not talking about crappy books, I’m talking about books to make my brain hurt in a good way – like Tom Holt’s Expecting someone taller. Unfortunately Jim Butcher managed to fall from (my) grace with his latest releases and Scalzi just makes me want to reread Old man’s war again. The first book. That one’s got me good, even if I’ve read it about five times.

               Where are the epic adventures? Hell, I’m on the brink of reopening that Vorkosigan Saga again and that means a few weeks of nothing else. Just like the previous twenty times. Or Sienkiewicz’s The Trilogy, oldies but goldies. Everybody else just seems keen to make their characters “real” and “gritty” and to me, that’s no fun. To hell with it.

               What next? I’m so bored I’m considering sleep to be a viable alternative. Has a few downsides, I think. Mondays..


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