Oh, yes, I’m perhaps a tad paranoid

… but it’s more likely I’m not.

               Read this: We’re all doomed, from TechCrunch.com. Now read my version. Or my other version. Now repeat after me: “I’m good, my emails are secure, my digital life is safe”. Oh yes, certainly. Kids, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t give a rat’s arse about the masons, lizard men or whatever else. This stuff isn’t fictional, it’s already in the open and old news. Hell, if I started writing what I make of the tools used by the Equation Group that’s been giving nightmares to the biggest and best antivirus maker in the world (Kaspersky, oh c’mon, you didn’t know?), you’d really think I’ve lost a couple of marbles. For instance, let Wikipedia convince you. Or even Kaspersky, since they’re the ones with the shivers and cold sweats, and really, you think they name every new virus they come across “The Death Star of the Malware Galaxy”?

Post scriptum:

               If there’s a way out of this, it sure as hell isn’t more online things with data gathering abilities. A refrigerator with internet connection and inventory capabilities is something nice, on paper, but if it’s online it’s not safe and if it’s not safe, some poor schmuck will eventually get laughed at and pointed at when some kid hacked it and ordered him a ton of milk, for instance, just for the lolz. Or even worse, get his full diet content revealed online, which is sort of damaging if you’re a declared vegan and you’re gorging on beef steaks. Or you decide to sue a doctor and he’s getting a court order to see if you stuck to his prescribed foods, insurance companies would just love that. Yeah, paranoid me. More Internet of Things for everyone!


One thought on “Oh, yes, I’m perhaps a tad paranoid

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