Never, ever, again

… unless I have to.

               Ever ride one of those bumping electric go-karts they have at faires? No? You don’t know what you’re missing.. I do know, however, since my son persuaded me to double up on one of those. A few hundred kilometers and … And boy, after a frantic 15 second rush, did I become aware there’s no bloody brakes on that thing. I forgot to ask how to stop it, so I, like any good father would do when he knows there’s something spectacularly wrong moments before it happens, I squeezed him tight and held him. We crashed into the sideline, at full speed. Only we didn’t wear those seatbelts. Yeah. Took out both of my knees. He’s fine, though. I’m still limping, you know. My wife’s still laughing. Freaking electric death traps.


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