I’m wrong

               Yup, I’ve been proven wrong on something. No, it’s not what you think, this isn’t about me confessing about it – the proof was so good I’m banging my head on the wall. Again. Actually, I’ve been doing that for days now. There’s really no way to spin this around, there’s no way to dodge the bullet. It’s all my fault. I’ve been proven so wrong, I’m actually dusting off my textbooks. Only one thing was left unsaid – that I should be going back to school, it’s that bad. So what? Continue reading


Magic for the new age

               We walk past things that would have made Newton fall on his backside in wonder and fear, yet we do this without even raising an eyebrow. Marvels of engineering, of technology, of science, get at most a sideways look of annoyance, because apathy has replaced curiosity for the modern human and whatever manages to distract us for more than a second apparently deserves getting upset over. I mean, what we were thinking or doing was way more important than that, right? Continue reading

Use free or die poor. Part 2.

Part 1 here.

               It’s a common problem I’ve seen around ever since internet took off. People assume the customer has to be right all the time. It’s bullshit and you know it, though that’s what everybody’s being taught when they train in marketing. You don’t make something for one person, not unless you’re charging him like he’s Donald Trump. You make something for many people to use, as such polling your customers can be quite bad for your business. For instance, a company that serves 3 thousand individuals could poll them about a specific change and get 100 people saying yes and 400 saying no. Do you think that’s relevant? I’d say it isn’t. Not unless the other 2.5 thousand people actually consider that change to be irrelevant. Some people are vocal, some aren’t, some postpone the decision to contribute in that survey, some had a bad day and all they want is a shower and sleep, some have no idea what they want and some want to appear like they’re not “average” – they’re different people with different goals, experiences and beliefs. You won’t always get the correct answer from them. Mistaking 500 people that answered your survey for the entirety of your customers is always a bad choice. Continue reading

Red is the new black. Part 1

               What’s wrong with this sentence? What does it really mean? Well, for one thing, it means red is red and black is black, only red now has the same function of black. They’re still different, they’re still recognizable, yet one takes over the other’s function, the meaning, the use. Now let’s use this to deconstruct a message bleeping on several places for the last few years – does the use of adblocking software destroy the internet? The VP of Content Services at Mozilla thinks so, or he’d have used a different way to write his article. If you feed it into a logic interpreter, there’s one or two things that really stand out and should be commented, which is what I’m trying to do below. Continue reading

Don’t do it

.. philosophical things are below, venture at your own risk. Hic abundant leones.

               There are lots of things that aren’t under our control, both good and bad, which make us feel good, sad, happy or angry. It’s part of growing up, of growing old, of learning about ourselves and about those around us. We are social animals and, as such, we eventually reach the point in our lives when our largest mood changer doesn’t result from what we do or achieve, but from our social interactions. We derive our mood from other people’s behavior towards us. We might know exactly we did the right thing, on time and in the right way, and still get upset when our bosses or colleagues criticize us. Our work, our behavior might be without fault but their words or attitudes bypass our brain and bury themselves into our psyche. Words hurt, attitudes hurt, body language hurts – even if their basis is faulty and we know it. Self esteem is a popular topic all around, though what nobody tells us is how we are supposed to react. Oh, there may be lots of articles, videos and other things – they’re mostly contradictory crap. Five people give twenty mostly conflicting opinions and we’re supposed to do what exactly? Continue reading