Wrong, or not right

               I think we’re a bit bonkers, as a society. The older I get, the worse it gets. Rules get weirder, people get dumber and somehow I’m looking around scratching my head wondering.. Usually, I’d say I’m the one getting dumber and society is evolving but .. it makes no sense at all. Think about it! What would change if gay married? No, not in a church, because wanting that would be dumber than a bunch of rocks, but, well, a normal civil union. Nothing would change, except maybe to confuse some idiots, because heaven forbid we actually explain things to our kids or try to understand reality. I get it, it’s easier to force everybody else to subject to dumb shit like self-determination. Screw them, it’s their fault anyway.

               Therefore I’m forced to use an either/or scenario, but even so I’m not quite sure where I fit in. I mean I’m getting more and more like Dogbert but without the desire to rule the world. I’m really starting to think I’m defective and not necessarily because of my own behavior. Y’see, it’s like driving on the wrong side of the street, quite literally. Either I’m wrong and them’s right, or I’m right and they’re wrong, only it’s more likely I’m wrong by virtue of sheer numbers. Too many think that way and over here it’s just lil’ ol’ me. I’d even call it a sure thing, if I could find one thing wrong with my reasoning, and I can’t. I’d really like to say I’m bonkers instead of the others around me, really.

               There are tons of things I’d rather not read about. IoT for instance, anybody else feels we’re gobbling up stupid propaganda about everything being online without worrying about the implications? Why would I want my refrigerator to have an internet connection? Or my lightbulb? Or my toilet? Do we make things complicated just because we can?

               Our lives are crazy enough without adding more complexity. It’s like politics but without a reward, we change our environment little by little until we can’t understand it but do we tackle the basics? No. What’s the reason for progress? Shouldn’t it make our lives better? If so, why aren’t we looking at the simple stuff like safety, security and happiness? Which one of those is improved by IoT? Eh?

               To me, life is simple. I need food, I need money and I need time. Food is self-explanatory. Money is a resource to improve the quality of life and time is a resource I can use in my quest for happiness. I didn’t get married in order to maximize my work hours, I got married because my wife makes me happy. I need time to spend it with my family, to be happy. I work to get money, and I use the money to buy food, to buy a house, to buy various things that make my life easier. Part of that money goes to the government to be used for my safety and security, and so on. Our lives are our own, I think, and it annoys me to no end to read about idiots proclaiming the end of 9 to 5 jobs. Do they have lives outside of work?

               We make a big issue of terrorism and we forget we’re the ones creating it. You don’t think so? Tell me again how religion doesn’t dictate morality in our society, and why gay marriage is destroying our society… Now do a bit of more thinking and tell me why islam is worse than christianity. You see, we’re idiots. We think we’re supposed to fight to the death for the right of “our” religion to impose arbitrary rules, but we’re thumbing our collective noses at other religions who have the disadvantage of not being “ours”. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

               We used to have a sound grasp of reality, only without rules to dial abuse down we’re here protesting capitalism by way of facebook or twitter or other such platforms. And we’re using Iphones and smartphones costing about a month of work for an average worker in a less fortunate country, if by average you disregard the fact half of them actually make less than that. Ironic much? Our lives are more complicated but nobody issued a manual for that. If, by some fluke of the space-time wobbly, we had more than 2 hours for ourselves, we’re screwed. Hell, it’s crazy but also quite true – what do we do with our free time? Do we improve our lives? Yea, right. We’re watching some tv series, we’re browsing facebook and funny cat pictures. We pass the time. We waste it. What is the point then?

               I think this calls for a nice celebration. Congrats, you’re a mindless automaton. I think we’d fail even the Turing test. No, I’m including myself in this, I’ve just had a couple of weeks of finding myself by which you ought to understand I slept, ate, drank, watched telly and movies, browsed 9gag and played a few games on my computer. I get it. I’m not the 1%. I didn’t do what I know to be the right thing. But I did get time to think, and I’m back to math. It made me numb and for the first time I’m starting to fear that. I think most people confuse being happy with the absence of pain. Am I right or am I driving on the wrong side of the road?


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