Old rules, new people

               I managed a feat of monumental stupidity, again, of such magnitude it’s hard for me to say if I could replicate it in the next 10 minutes. But I don’t gamble. I cried havoc and bid the clouds to strike me down with fire and lightning, well, no.. Actually, I disagreed with somebody. Again. Since I’m a sucker for the right frame of mind and logic, I took personal offense of somebody saying “if you do bad things, bad things you’ll get”. Well, “do evil, receive evil” with a twist. Anyway, I don’t agree, I really think the world doesn’t have to make sense and real justice is just a creation of humanity. Reality is amoral, impersonal, oblivious to any single individual, it’s just a game of chance and causality. Our world isn’t coming to an end, it will continue to exist long after we’re dead and buried, and our misery is something we’re building, creating and nurturing and we’re making it worse with each day. We, as in the ones dancing around nice issues like health, poverty and responsibility while proclaiming abortions, gay marriage and religion as priorities. Like the issue of two gay men or women I don’t know and can’t affect me is really important if I’m hungry, broke and somebody’s threatening to make my day even worse by eyeing my shoes with greed. Is it possible all these things only serve to distract us, to shift our attention from problems some of us don’t want to fix?

               What is important? Do we even know? Probably. But the big issues can’t be solved within our own attention span, because we don’t have the patience for it. Oh look, a bunny. Wait, where was I? We want answers fast, so we ignore the problems that take too long to solve. The world would be a boring place, right? Well, probably not. But it’s the thought that counts, right? Wrong. That’s the problem, actually. We choose our leaders based on what they say, not on what they can deliver. The thought counts, even if it shouldn’t, and they adapted to this rule. They, the politicians, the leaders, the managers. Ever see people comparing actual performance to the expectations? They say Microsoft has bigger income, but below Wall Street’s expectations – which makes the share price go down, in this hypothetical scenario. Who determines the expectations? Analysts. So what actually changed? Income goes up, profits go up, sales go up, but the company has a lower trading price because somebody said those are below expectations. We disconnected value from results. It’s a trend in finance, in politics, in whatever you want. Why?

               The world is a harsh place, where naivety equals stupidity and what you can do is less important than what others think you can do. Why then would I think I have to do good deeds? There’s a distinction here, I’m not talking about what’s legal or what’s not, it’s not an issue. I mean morality, as defined by society. Can I get away with treating others like crap? Of course. Can I get rich by selling illusions to those lacking a good education? Ask those selling supplements and alternative medicine (snake oil peddlers, for lack of a better word). Nobody cares how you treat others, if they’re not a target and you’re careful to avoid creating martyrs. Our society is not a moral one, because morals are supposed to be universally accepted. Our society is not democratic, because we’re not educated. We’re afraid. We’re petrified, we’re scared out of our minds. We believe society is something above us, like a vengeful god or something, designed to punish sinners. However, that’s not how reality works.

               I don’t have a thing against morals, I have a big, mountain-sized grudge against manipulation. If everybody here said gay marriage was bad, I’d move to another country. I’m not gay, but I don’t want anybody telling me, for instance, that hunger is against the law. Both hunger and one’s sexuality are not under our conscious control, and some morons can’t seem to understand that. Likewise, I really dislike what the media has become these days. Journalism is supposed to be the watchdog of democracy, informing citizens of things beyond their reach in order to fix deviations, a feedback loop if you will. Should be, because it’s not, not anymore. We’re not informed, we’re influenced. We’re manipulated. We’re told what to believe and how to react. If you ever watched the news, you’d think it’s Sodom and Gomorra all over again, everywhere. But on a closer look, you’d see isolated cases. Yes, there are big stories about corruption, about abuse and misuse of power from corporations to our elected leaders, once every few years. So few, compared to the expectation the media has hammered into our collective psyche. Look around. The United States looks on the brink of collapse, with martial law and looters and police brutality and Baltimore and so on. But take a closer look, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Their economy is getting better, the employment is on the rise, so what’s really changed in the big picture? Or look at the EU – bickering over who gets what and who pulls the strings, doesn’t it look like it’s going down in flames? Well, no. It’s a negotiation. It’s the division of power. We’re idiots for believing the media, because the media is a far bigger threat to our way of life than politicians are. Politics can’t do squat without it. Why? Because results don’t matter, expectations matter. A politician can’t ever do something right if it’s not reported on the 6 o’clock news. The other part is also true – they’re expected to explain themselves on national television. If they don’t, they don’t get elected because who’d know who they are?

               It’s all a game, if I have a problem I expect the politicians to react to it with the same urgency and assign it the same measure of importance I do. Now multiply this by a few million and you’ll see why expecting something to be done means nothing gets done, nothing important that is. The only criteria of issue placement, what gets problems placed on top of the pile, is vocality. Who shouts louder gets the carrot. But who actually shouts louder than the prime-time news? Yup. Nobody. We’re individuals, unique, different, and if we’re not we want to be, just like everybody else. It’s an identity thing, created for those who have no idea who they are. Who actually created that? The media. They’re the actual villains here, manipulating the public like they own us. And they do, for that matter. Individuals don’t have the power, bigger groups have it. And no, it’s not a conspiracy, there’s too many of “independent” journalists and not all work for CNN or Huffington Post. There’s bloggers, vloggers, twitterers, facebook-ers, various idiots claiming the answer to life and the universe and swindlers, illusion sellers and thousands more groups all adding a wee bit of controversy where there ain’t supposed to be any.

               But we have freedom of speech. Oh, joy! Now say it with the rest: “I deserve money, objects, food, safety, security and you have to give it to me.. Bill the rest, they look like they can afford it!”


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