Wrong, or not right

               I think we’re a bit bonkers, as a society. The older I get, the worse it gets. Rules get weirder, people get dumber and somehow I’m looking around scratching my head wondering.. Usually, I’d say I’m the one getting dumber and society is evolving but .. it makes no sense at all. Think about it! What would change if gay married? No, not in a church, because wanting that would be dumber than a bunch of rocks, but, well, a normal civil union. Nothing would change, except maybe to confuse some idiots, because heaven forbid we actually explain things to our kids or try to understand reality. I get it, it’s easier to force everybody else to subject to dumb shit like self-determination. Screw them, it’s their fault anyway. Continue reading


Of mice and men

.. without women, because I’d rather not sleep on a couch for the next month, again, thank you very much.

               Stupidity isn’t that widespread, apparently. Yes, I’m talking about true stupidity, not the other type. I need to revisit my word choices, since there’s a few more types. Dumb, idiots, morons, stupid folks, oh, so many types. There are people who are dumb because their brains can’t do more than that. Thankfully, there’s not that many of them around. Unfortunately, stupidity is also learned – this type is much more widespread. So there’s dumb folks, plain vanilla like me, people who understand they’re limited and actually know where their limits are, and then there’s the idiots who don’t know their limits. Them’s really annoying but also really destructive. Why? Well… Continue reading

Old rules, new people

               I managed a feat of monumental stupidity, again, of such magnitude it’s hard for me to say if I could replicate it in the next 10 minutes. But I don’t gamble. I cried havoc and bid the clouds to strike me down with fire and lightning, well, no.. Actually, I disagreed with somebody. Again. Since I’m a sucker for the right frame of mind and logic, I took personal offense of somebody saying “if you do bad things, bad things you’ll get”. Well, “do evil, receive evil” with a twist. Anyway, I don’t agree, I really think the world doesn’t have to make sense and real justice is just a creation of humanity. Reality is amoral, impersonal, oblivious to any single individual, it’s just a game of chance and causality. Our world isn’t coming to an end, it will continue to exist long after we’re dead and buried, and our misery is something we’re building, creating and nurturing and we’re making it worse with each day. We, as in the ones dancing around nice issues like health, poverty and responsibility while proclaiming abortions, gay marriage and religion as priorities. Like the issue of two gay men or women I don’t know and can’t affect me is really important if I’m hungry, broke and somebody’s threatening to make my day even worse by eyeing my shoes with greed. Is it possible all these things only serve to distract us, to shift our attention from problems some of us don’t want to fix? Continue reading


… don’t believe everything.

               I hate the word – motivation. It’s a word, so it can’t really hurt me and hate is a rather strong word, but still. There is no such thing. Motivation is sort of like what we call attention span. Motivation is rearranging and refocusing your attention, towards something you think is important. Motivation is stupid – because you’re really not that bright to know what really is important. If you value motivation over discipline you’re probably going to lose a lot of time and money to various individuals who know how to dazzle you. Motivation can’t get you anywhere, because humans (healthy ones, anyway) have the attention span of goldfish – and no, that’s not 30 seconds. You read books, listen to speeches, believe in yourself, pump yourself and get ready to … oh, there’s a very good/bad girl with long legs, gorgeous curves and blonde curly hair and is that a tattoo on her… Now where’s that thing, how did I call it… yea, motivation… Where was I? Continue reading

Of dreams and chances

               I feel a whole damn bunch older than most, even if I’m not. I suppose this is a feeling that perfectly describes my attitude of a superior being – an ubermensch to dwarf them all, so to speak – but to me it only serves to increase my loneliness. I may appear superior, condescending, arrogant, or whatever adjectives one could attribute to a self-diagnosed narcissist and you may be right about that. However, none of it it’s true. I don’t think I’m a narcissist. But I am arrogant and condescending, with the occasional snort of superiority. You know why? Because I have no idea how to function inside the society. I can do rather well in small groups and I do mean small, as in less than the fingers of a teenage mutant turtle’s hand, which is to mean I’m also really aware of how lucky I am for having a wife and a son. I don’t write much about them because I’m not sure I’m good enough for that task. Continue reading