Note to self

               If I ever do favors for people again just because they ask, first I’m going to smack myself over the head with the keyboard and then submit a voluntary 10% paycheck cut for a month. That way I’m controlling the pain. People who have a job to do will ask for help only from those who actually are in the loop. Ergo, if you’re not involved with a specific project and somebody there asks you to clarify something within that project – run like hell. They’re looking for somebody to blame. They’re not using the proper channels because it’s easier to be spoon-fed an explanation – even if it’s wrong – a whole lot easier than doing the thinking and adding up. Comes bundled with a scape goat option, too. I asked, he answered – his answer was wrong, yes, so I’m not to blame. Bullshit. Clear, specific, mandatory communication channels exist (or should exist) for this exact reason. Why am I so angry then?

Post scriptum:

               I’m angry because I’m an idiot. Choosing between being nice to a fellow employee (but getting blamed because I gave an answer containing a few errors) and doing the right thing (and thus avoiding blame but looking like a jerk) just jumped up a few places on my “things that bug me” list. Plus, how did I miss those errors? Especially since I’ve thought of the exact thing a few hours after I gave the answer… Aliens!


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