Being fat or feeling fat

               I’ve managed to read up something and I’ve been sitting on it for a few days but then again, who cares what I think? – It’s crap like this that make fat people like me hate themselves. Let’s have a few quotes here and see what I think they really mean:

The way that overweight women and men are treated is insulting.

               Ok, I agree with that. It is insulting. So? I’m fat too – I’ve been called fat, I’ve been bullied, now I ask again – so what? Think how stupid the average individual is, and laugh while you really understand half of them are even stupider(!) than that. I don’t hate them, I ignore them – and so should you. Let the Darwin Awards sort them out. If you’re good at what you do, you’re going to need a broom or at least a big stick to keep people from you.

Still, it is difficult for me to understand is why these retailers cannot just extend the sizes of their normal clothes, rather than have to create a whole different clothing line for larger sizes. It is just a way to further ostracize bigger individuals; by telling them that they are unsuitable to wear the same clothes that the normal sized people do.

               They aren’t unsuitable, being fat isn’t who you are, it’s how. You don’t want them to extend the size, you want them to say you are entitled to it. You don’t want them to be called “larger size”, you want them to call your size normal. I can try all I want but I won’t fit into my wife’s jeans. Does that make me a bad person or abnormal? What if I were trying to wear her panties? Why are you believing normal people dress that way? What is normal? Is being fat normal? Is being an idiot who insults fat people normal? If I’m fat, why do I want to wear what insulting neanderthals wear? Do I somehow want to join that group? I’m betting that’s a yes.

Even if I really tried, I could never be a size 0. And for the record, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with it.

               Really now. “Even if”. Look again, you wrote it, not me. You didn’t try. You swiped left or right which ever means skipped (what is tinder anyway?) and you just gave up. Too much effort. You think you deserve to be fat, you labeled yourself. Is this the Matrix? How do you know chicken actually tastes like that if you haven’t tasted actual chicken? And for the record, you actually are saying it’s something wrong with it, just not with the name “size 0”. Maybe a minus three?

We all cannot be the ideal weight.

               What is the ideal weight? Is ideal equal to healthy? Is it the weight where your body is and keeps on being healthy? No? What is ideal? Ooh, it’s whatever you want to think is… Now I get it… Bullshit. You’re just like the ones you’re upset with.

Our society needs to come to terms with this.

               What do you mean by “society”? If you mean everybody else, you and I have a wee problem, because I don’t like to be told what to think. Why the society? Why not you? It’s easier for the world to change compared to you? If I don’t like to eat pork you have to stop eating it? You’re not the center of the universe, that’s crap and you know it – which is actually why you’re upset. You’re posing as “I’m not ashamed to call myself fat, because that is what I am” but you actually are ashamed. Shame is feeling bad about who you are, guilt is feeling bad about what you did. So how you look actually means who you are, to you. Who’s shallow here because I’m getting confused.

No one should be mistreated because of his or her weight.

               Yes, I agree. Punish those who do that. But why are you going from that to “society” and also trying to make everybody (as in “society”, as in the next paragraph) believe that “extend the size of normal clothes” equals mistreating you because you’re fat?

Everyone needs to learn to love and embrace their body type, and to be accepting of others, no matter what they look like. In the end, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

               Bullshit. It’s the mantra of defeat. You’re not what you think you are on the inside – you are what other people think you are. It’s true. Your value to others is not yours from birth, it’s what they think you’re worth. That’s why people don’t want to marry supermodels but a naked wrestling match is ok once in a while, as long as the supermodels don’t age – they think the value of supermodels is given by how good they look, which is in accounting terms a depreciable asset – on lame terms, it’s something that loses value over time and you should be leasing it and not buying it. Which is why there’s a thing called high-class call-girls, apparently (not that I’d know). Quickly, describe yourself without using “I am”. Ouch! That’s why there’s plenty of functional fat ugly rich guys or girls. Or big-time CEO-s. Or sought after fat ugly doctors. Or programmers. Or comedians. Or actors. Hell, think Steve Buscemi. Or don’t think about him, watch:

Post scriptum:

               There you have it. I’m not to blame, it’s the rest of the world. I won’t even try to change, the world should change. I’m on a diet ergo you have to be on a diet. Because I say so, because I’m important on the inside. Bullshit, again.


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