Sometimes I’m right

               Well now, apparently I’m not alone. I’ve come across a thing on lifehacker that’s reinforcing my thing.

               It won’t really matter what I’m doing as much as how I’m doing it. Besides, I’ve lost 4 more pounds since then. So what if they tell you to eat a few more carbs – like 10%, or 20% more. I don’t exercise. What I’m doing is right for me. If you exercise then you’ll need a few more carbs to keep you afloat. Who knows. Point is you’re really not supposed to give up. You’re to keep at it. To change your life style, not just take a diet for a few months or a year. You have to find your optimal way of keeping fit – if I reach something like 80 kilograms (my target weight, written in stone – unless I lose a leg or something), I’ll up a bit my carbohydrate intake so I won’t keep loosing weight, and do a bit more running. I’m going for the balance point, to keep my weight there but also get my muscles back into gear – and no, I’m not after a bodybuilder body. I don’t need muscles, who ever heard of solving equations with your triceps? I just want to stop coughing my lungs out after running less than half a mile. Yea, pathetic, I know.


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