Jumping hoops

               I’ve said it before – you matter. I matter. But in order to be free and happy, you have to overcome two things. The first one is about resisting those around you. The second one is about yourself, about reworking your habits.

               People don’t care who you are. If you’ve been working for a few years you’ll meet many people, but most of them have developed some form of anti-failure cognitive protection mechanism – most of the time if you threaten them you’ll be put down like a rabid dog. But here it’s different, it’s about mental threats. Some think it’s not possible to make things better or that it’s possible but just stopped trying. They’re not stupid, they’ve given up. They allowed others to crush them into submission. They’ve had their dreams cut short. So if you hop along them, showing even a tiny bit of promise or chance of success, they’ll do everything in their power to make you like them. Why? Because misery loves company. Because if they can’t do it, nobody else should, either. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you were to succeed, that’ll mean they’ve made the wrong choices, the wrong decisions, that’ll mean they were wrong. It will hurt them. They consider them better than you, a dumb fellow who knows he’s dumb won’t think much if you get ahead of him, he knows you’re smarter, but those who have their whole worth defined by their school grades, pay grade, by the sheer number of courses taken, years doing the same thing, or hell, simply by their title or position on the rank ladder – those are the dangerous ones. They’re like ghouls, they’re stuck in limbo, not dead but not alive, either.

               There will be people who will think you’re a menace. You’ve done one more product per hour than them? You’re something to squash then, you’re making them look bad. You try to show your co-workers you can design an excel worksheet to automate something they’re doing in word by hand and increase their productivity by 200%? Now that’s got to get you some of those eeeevil looks.. That won’t work, that won’t do, the font is too small, the pagination is all wrong, they won’t use it if they don’t know how it works, all kinds of shaite. Sometimes, they’ll even sabotage you directly, just because you look happy. Because to hell with reasons.

               You will be despised. The more you try, the more they’ll push, and this works on every damn thing. You lose weight? Oh, you look like a skeleton. You don’t do facebook? Oh, that’s stupid. You want to learn math? You won’t use that outside of school. Every damn bloody reason is there for one thing – to make you like them so they won’t have to think they’re wrong. Because if they’re wrong then they have to change and change is pain for them. Change hurts. They’ll protest change, and if it’s making them better they’ll protest change again. Because they’ve just done it. Why do you think socialism is alive and well? Why do you think politicians get voted for promising stuff they can’t deliver? Like jobs, more money, more free stuff – sweetie, if they could have, they’ve had gone done it already. Most people love being average and not sticking out, love being herded around and not being responsible of anything. It shields them from failure, from blame and from shame. Hell is real, is all around me, around you. Hell is where those who are right won’t speak up because they fear those who aren’t right. Hell is inside a child who is told to obey, to conform, to stop thinking, questioning, to stop trying to achieve his dreams. Hell is where dreams die. Hell is now our educational system. Some manage to climb out of the fire. Most don’t.

               That’s why you won’t have much competition if you learn stuff – everybody else is busy pushing everybody else down. Why do you think “luck” stories are so popular? A fellow won X million quid and the next day he found his soul-mate, a beautiful ex-model. Yea, sure, let’s go with that. Luck – something that happens regardless what you do because somebody up there loves you – that’s the mantra of the soulless. God will take care of me, I’ll win the lottery, I’ll inherit, I’ll marry up, and so on. They say you don’t have to work hard – good things come to those who wait. Bullshit. Luck is something they make up to replace the anathema of hard work and persistence, or to cover the smell of perspiration. For every lucky man or woman who won the lotto there’s thousands who got there by making themselves better. For every person who’ll thank their doctor for curing them of something bad there’ll be thousands praising the lord and/or their luck. So I’ll say again – bullshit.

Post scriptum:

               Stop thinking in terms of IQ, dude or dudette. It doesn’t work that way. Apart from music and arts, if you’re persistent and driven you’re already ahead of 75% of the populace. If you add more than general knowledge of something and work hard to get more, you’re already in the top 10%. Isn’t that worth getting some free algebra manuals and avoiding some parties? Because then if you’re 40 and possess just a basic social skill, you’re already an executive and/or making more than half your high school class combined. Believe that. And you’ll be busy dating ex-models (most won’t, though, we’d need to see at least some synapses firing to get interested) or relaxing debt-free in nice homes with your wife/husband and kids while those you passed by keep trying to make you miserable. I was an idiot for a long time – which is why I’m not quite there yet – so don’t be like me. Your brain – use it or lose it.


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