Would you? Should you?

Update: The following text doesn’t reflect my opinion anymore. But I’ll just keep it, even though I’ve done a good job adding up apples and oranges, substracting donkeys and getting nurses.

               This one has to be a little hard to digest. If you discover somebody is wrong in their calculations, should you tell them they’re wrong? Even more, would you? Say then they’re public persons, not like lil’ol’ me writing anonymously on a free blog for an audience of probably 2 (including myself), and they’ve written their assumptions somewhere with a target audience of thousands or more.. If things are also controversial enough, should you make the correction also public?

               I mean, the damage’s alreay been done – cats and dogs living together, mayhem and pandemonium… Sort of like when you see an actor saying vaccines are bad for you. I’m not saying my opinion’s worth much, but if not me then shouldn’t someone else, within the same “famous” range (because a nobody like me would be ignored, but say Brad Pitt would be quoted in every newspaper from Timbuktu to London), debunk him? What is the cost of somebody famous being famously bonkers?

               I already have an opinion and an axiom for this particular case – only crazy, needy or the believer kind of famous people would say things they know nothing about, the reverse being always true. This doesn’t apply to normal people, they lack arrogance but make up for that in chaos. It seems to take a special kind of arrogance to pull one of that off (hey, I’m fitting here only I’m anonymous so it doesn’t count) – called narcissism. Been reading a few articles on The Last Psychiatrist on an off, here’s just two of them http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2011/01/why_chinese_mothers_are_not_su.html and http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2011/07/when_a_culture_is_this_investe_1.html. Do we have to have an opinion? No? How about when idiots have them and they’re vocal and they’re also quite public? No again?

               At what point then the A assumption becomes a problem? A = “Those who know are silent and those who don’t know are not”. Where does it lead? Well now, about here:

“My mission, in running for the Kansas State Board of Education, is to throw out the crap that teachers are feeding their students and replace it with healthy good for the soul knowledge from the holy scriptures.”

               Post Scriptum: No, free speech ain’t a cure – those who know what they’re talking about won’t talk because they either don’t care or don’t want to hurt their careers. It’s Idiocracy, somehow. Oy, that movie was visionary. But more and more nuts think they have a right to express their opinions (which is true) and impose them on others (which is wrong). Where was that quote I kept losing?

               “Why protest fur and not leather? That’s because picking on rich women in fur coats is easier than picking on biker gangs in leather”.

               Because doh! (Apparently it’s a parody but it’s still kind of *irony* funny).


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