Taking a 12 hours break

               After a session of self-inflicted criticism, my need to be right pointed me to yet another article about dark matter. There’s no pleasing me, ye know? Maybe I’m a bit of a narcissist because I sure as hell ain’t a perfectionist. So this one’s gonna be cryptic. Blowfish-like, with 256 bit S-box..

               Like I said the other bad day, most cold dark matter isn’t baryonic so the effect on normal matter is done either by gravity or by weak interactions. Buuuuut I’m seeing no evidence for low-mass wimps experimentally (and they’ve done the experiments so much there can’t be much left to chance). LUX nil – cold dark matter 1. Take that! So CoGeNT et others were wrong? Well, the term seasonal oscillation should raise a few eyebrows (sure raised mine), especially since XENON100 found nothing in the range suggested by them.. Dark photons ruled out too. Lovable *childless* neutrinos, zilch. Sooooo, what the hell? Can I change my assertions or do I wait until LHC run 2? Because I’m …. nervous.

               Normally I’d add a disclaimer (as a post scriptum) right about here but today I’m preemtively going to punish myself by working on my vb.net hobby project. Hey, don’t judge just because it’s vb, it’s not like I’m doing asm, popping and pushing. I’m trying to relax and unwind, you know, I’m worth it. CDM can bloody wait.


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