I think I broke a neuron

               Update: I now also think that was the weakest neuron in the herd, so good riddance – read the post scriptum first and disregard the rest. This may be a good reason for my drinking according to the Buffalo Theory.

“Dark matter guides growth of supermassive black holes”


“They found a distinct relationship between the mass of the dark matter halo and the black hole mass – a relationship stronger than that between a black hole and the galaxy’s stars alone.”

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2015-02-dark-growth-supermassive-black-holes.html#jCp

                Eeeh? So we assume most dark matter is baryonic, now? Better yet, do we presume to know what dark matter is? Is it’s relevant as sample size when only 3k galaxies they’ve observed?

               Correlation does not imply causalisation. Using non-baryonic matter we find dark matter properties (as in gravitational influence, mass and the likes) should have an influence on mergers for SMBH formation, but the correlation is less strong in lower-scale structures – that’s why low mass galaxies with large angular momentum are less… likely to have high growth SMBH without merging. Likely, I’d wager my current glass of wine that dark matter is only one of the factors that guide their formation and growth – more influence when the halo mass is big and less when it’s less (and fewer mergers). As in (exqueeze me, I’m trying to think after a bottle of something) high mass bodies are more likely to attract and merge than low mass bodies. Non-baryonic matter shouldn’t account for accretion, unless you say accretion follows from mergers.

Post scriptum:

               Oy, this one be painfull and hard to read when sober. I gotta stop reading the news diagonally. Besides, I’ve re-read it, they put it in as “ellyptical galaxies” and those are kinda already supposed to form by merging and also kinda have SMBH’s at the center. So no, this ain’t news. I’ll take my ritualistic flogging now. Also, in other news and since I’m exercising the neuron herd, how do we apply http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/156673-the-first-quantum-entanglement-of-photons-through-space-and-time to communications?


RanDom resources:

Zelnikov, Vasiliev, Volonteri, Natarajan, lots of others – google to the rescue.

For easier reading on dark matter issues:



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